I have a feeling that Sussman would change his plea to guilty, Durham rejected imho since the Sussman Trial is important to pushing more info to the Normies, CNN just did a segment on the trial and it was fairly accurate…. I have a feeling the pucker factor in lib circles is going viral 

Joe Lange:

Good morning friends!

Sussman trial starts today!

I was wrong!

I thought he had already flipped and there was no way he was going to trial.

No deals.

Durham has him right where he wants him along with the others even higher than Hillary.

This is just the beginning.

A trial that will now get media attention.

Elias and Joffe are really in a panic cause they know they’re next.

Great start to the week!

I think you are exactly right about Sussman wanting a plea deal but Durham refused.

I think Durham wants to take center stage and force the media to cover it.

This is the beginning of the storm.

A media storm for the enemy.

I’m not worried about the judge at all.

Durham won almost every dispute in this trial.