by BioClandestine:

While I’ve been locked in on the biological situation in Ukraine, I haven’t provided any recent updates on what is happening with Twitter. 

I’ve said it since the beginning, Elon’s moves and counter moves are too highly calculated and methodical to be a happy coincidence. Not only is he taking over the machine, he’s exposing it on a global stage. 

For those who are unaware, the Twitter deal is on hold, as Elon is is demanding proof on the amount of bot activity on the site, as this will lower the amount of true human engagement and therefore the amount of possible/target revenue. Which would lower the value of twitter and therefore lower the offer from Elon. 

What Elon did was genius, and also further confirms this is about more than money. He offered a number so outrageous, knowing full well that there was heavy bot activity, knowing he could make them agree to terms, and then later get the buying price lowered while simultaneously exposing Twitter for using false accounts to manipulate public opinion. 

A conventional businessman would have made them prove the bot activity before the offer price, but Elon is not in this for profit. This move he just made CONFIRMS he is looking to expose a greater conspiracy here. His moves and counter moves are calculated 10 steps ahead of the enemy. Sounds a lot like US MIL to me. I mean, Elon is quite literally their highest paid contractor. 

Twitter’s most recent claim is the site has less than 5% bots. Elon is not so sure about that. Different bot-monitoring entities estimate anywhere up to 15% of all Twitter activity is from bots.

Now let’s just middle it and take the 10% for simplicity’s sake. Google alleges Twitters user count is around 290 million users. Meaning roughly 29 million accounts are fake. 29 million accounts, being used by entities looking to sway public perception and drive narratives. 

This is how they fool sheep into supporting their insanity. They prey on natural human emotional group-think tendencies. Monkey see, monkey do. 

A human, and most animals, naturally aims to be accepted and in the “group”. They are terrified of being ostracized. So when weak minded sheep see a post with 10k likes, they are naturally inclined to WANT to be on the side with the majority, regardless of their actual views. 

With 30+ million bots out there, the public could be manipulated into; giving away all their freedoms, ignoring natural immunity, believing men can have children, supporting nazis, slaughtering unborn children, vote for Joe Biden…  

Get the picture?