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Now that you all have had some time to digest the initial wave, let me go into the rest of the details on the slides, and how it pertains to the greater global situation. 

I first want to look at this translated slide. Russian Military alleges this is a veterinary clinic in Mariupol, Ukraine. Used as a means for stashing and transporting “microbial cultures”, meaning they were GROWING and forcing pathogens to reproduce.

If true, this would make a lot of sense as to why the Nazi forces in Ukraine were so desperately trying to hold on to Mariupol, and why it has been such a focus of Russian Military for some time. 

Russian Military has been speaking specifically about a veterinary facility for months, and it turns out this is why. 

After Russia took Mariupol and gathered this intel, they claimed the Special Military Operation is complete and Putin put on a celebratory military parade. 

You all said you wanted proof, and Russia gave it to you. The only question is, whose going to hold the US accountable?

May 13

Today, at the UN Security Council, Russia presented further evidence of their accusations that the US DNC created a secret bioweapons program in Ukraine. They have accused the US,  multiple times in the past year, of breaching the International Biological Weapons Treaty. And the US just cries “Disinformation” and vetos any movement for investigations. 

People have been asking me, what’s next? What would punishment look like? 

And to be honest with you, I don’t know for certain because this has never happened before. The 1972 International Biological Weapons Treaty has never been breached. No nation has ever even been formally accused, until now. Article I never been invoked. 

Theoretically, in a political-free vacuum, what SHOULD happen, as per the treaty, would be invoking Article VI and Article VII. Article summaries are as follows: (I copy pasted from Wiki)

Article VI: Right to request the United Nations Security Council to investigate alleged breaches of the BWC and undertaking to cooperate in carrying out any investigation initiated by the Security Council.

Complaint about an alleged BWC violation

Article VI allows States Parties to lodge a complaint with the United Nations Security Council if they suspect a breach of treaty obligations by another state. Moreover, the article requires states to cooperate with any investigation which the Security Council may launch. As of January 2022, no state has ever used Article VI to file a formal complaint, despite several states having been accused in other fora of maintaining offensive biological weapons capabilities. The unwillingness to invoke Article VI may be explained by the highly political nature of the Security Council, where the five permanent members—China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States—hold veto power, including over investigations for alleged treaty violations. 

Article VII: To assist States which have been exposed to danger as a result of a violation of the BWC.

Assistance after a BWC violation

Article VII obliges States Parties to provide assistance to states that so request it if the UN Security Council decides they have been exposed to danger as a result of a violation of the BWC. In addition to helping victims in the event of a biological weapons attack, the purpose of the article is to deter such attacks from occurring in the first place by reducing their potential for harm through international solidarity and assistance. Despite no state ever having invoked Article VII, the article has drawn more attention in recent years, in part due to increasing evidence of terrorist organizations being interested in acquiring biological weapons and also following various naturally occurring epidemics. In 2018, the BWC’s Implementation Support Unit issued a background document describing a number of additional understandings and agreements on Article VII that have been reached at past Review Conferences.”

In short, the UN Security Council is supposed to do a joint investigation, and all assist to the nation(s) who have been exposed to the biological weapon(s). But I just don’t think it’s going to happen because of the structure of the UN. The US can just simply veto any investigation. 

The only other world event similar to this situation was Nuremberg. With which the US, UK, France and Russia, each provided 1 Military Judge and a team of military prosecutors, and joint-prosecuted the Nazi officials that were still alive, in an “International Military Tribunal”. 

Given this whole biological weapons situation is unprecedented, I can’t really project what the next steps will be. Especially considering one of the names directly accused of being an Ideologue of this bioweapons plot is the current Commander in Chief of the most powerful military force on the planet… 

The only way this is resolved is if the US MIL is disobedient to Biden, i.e. “Devolution”, and assists the Russians and Chinese in holding these people accountable. It would require a treaty between the militaries of Russia, China, and the US. That’s the only way.

Any other scenario and we are stuck in a biological Orwellian dystopia on the verge of nuclear fallout until the status quo changes.