13 May 2022


“Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said his country called today’s meeting – the third on this topic – because it continues to receive evidence that the United States Department of Defense is carrying out dangerous biological projects of a secret military nature on the western border with his country. 

“It is a real threat to the biosecurity of our country, the region and, given the cross-border nature of these bio threats, to the whole world,” he said.  Yet, as confirmed by Mr. Markram, neither Ukraine nor the United States has included information on this threat in the reporting stipulated by the Convention, he said. 

Preventing such dangerous activity is only possible through his country’s “special military operation”, he said.  He drew attention to “Project 3007” in which Ukrainian specialists, under the supervision of United States colleagues, collect water samples from the Dnipro, Danube and other waterways, looking for pathogens, such as typhoid.  The samples are then sent to the United States.   

The logical question is “why?”, he said.  A glance at a map of Ukraine’s water sources is enough to understand that the results could be used to create a biological catastrophe in the Russian Federation, through the Azov and Black Seas, and in Eastern Europe, he added. 

Among other claims, he charged Ukraine with attempting to spread dangerous bioaerosols across the Russian Federation, pointing to its receipt of 50 drones in January equipped to deliver such an assault, and the United States with financing such activities through subcontractors.   

He said another bio incident in 2020 using “false money” as a carrier for tuberculosis in Luhansk, endangered the children who found it.  “This money was infected with a bioactive tuberculosis,” he claimed, confirmation of “a very worrying trend”.  He went on to claim that other evidence implicates US scientists in carrying out experiments on psychiatric patients in hospital number 3, in Kharkov.”