Man, what a terrible day to have eyes. 

I can’t do anything without seeing outrageously asinine takes on this situation. I can’t even consume sports or entertainment related media without being bombarded with Roe v Wade nonsense. As much as it is painful to watch, I think it’s going to wake up normies to some extent. 

The left are fumbling over themselves trying to articulate how this is now the greatest threat to our democracy, after foaming at the mouth for the past month over Elon and Free Speech. It’s the perfect maelstrom of conflicting narratives they cannot support simultaneously. This will break the minds of many of the sheep. 

After spending the last 2 years claiming that they know what’s best for our bodies and everyone should be vaccinated regardless of religious or personal beliefs; now they must contradict themselves to say “my body my choice” so they can justify slaughtering their unborn children. Just as during the Kavanaugh smear campaign, they cried “believe all women”. Now they can’t even define what a “woman” is. 

And when you think big picture, by imagining how future generations look back on what we went through in today’s world, they will look back in horror at the leftist ideology. Future generations will associate liberalism with: 

-forced harmful injections

-forced mask wearing

-election fraud


-supporting actual nazis in Ukraine 

-grooming children

-anti-free speech

-slaughtering unborn children

And this was just the crazy shit they defended over the past month. 

So if you ask me what I think is happening with the SCOTUS leak? No idea. But what is the overalll effect of the happenings? Normies waking up because the left are fucking insane and the more they talk, the more the sane people start to realize just how far the left has gone off the deep end. 

And I don’t know if you all feel it, but the rate of these “happenings” seems to be escalating incrementally. The sheep are being forced to change their identities rapidly. The narrative they are being fed directly contradicts the previous narratives, and I believe more and more of them will recognize it. 

When the enemy is under duress, they become sloppy and more prone to mistakes. 


Also, a lot of people asking for my input on the the WHO Treaty vote coming up. To be honest, I couldn’t care less. In fact, I hope they do it. Here’s why. 

Firstly, I could not give two shits what the WHO says. Nor what the US government says. Why should we care that a bunch of corrupt diplomats want to FORMALLY sign our sovereignty away? They already took it without our permission with C19. We already gave our freedom to the unelected members of the health community. What does signing a piece of paper change?

Secondly, we as a planet are at a crossroads. Russia and China are accusing the US DNC and a network of corrupt bureaucrats, of developing and utilizing biological weapons. The same people involved in the WHO, are implicated in this crime. War has already broken out to expose the labs creating the weapons. Either this is resolved and the people responsible are held accountable, or the people in power remain in power and we continue to live in this biological Orwellian nightmare forever. 

Either the WHO and all corrupt diplomats and bureaucrats involved with C19, are tried for crimes against humanity, or we are all fucked anyways. Whether they write it in stone or don’t write it at all, they are going to do whatever they want, regardless of how we feel about it.

So that’s why I hope they go ahead and do it. So we have it signed in ink, of all those who agreed to impede the sovereignty of every single human on the planet. That way, we are that much more justified when we put them to death for their crimes. Allow them to exude the war-like posture and say the quiet part out loud.