I recall George Webb reporting on The Clinton Foundation Cabal setting up organ transplant training hospitals in Mirabalais, Haiti to extract pediatric organs from “children in Haitian orphanages” to implant into children of wealthy parents who accompanied their sick infants and babies on board a “mercy” ship docked at a specially dredged deep water port in Labadee at the north coast of Haiti. This matches what he reported:

“Haiti is the kidnapping capital of the world, even before the earthquake (in 2010); UN was doing the kidnapping

• You are going to see that there are a lot of illegitimate hospitals in Haiti doing the kidney removals to pay for their sewing machines and to pay their micro-loansharking cell loans

• USAID money put in micro-loansharking programs. Port au Prince area will have the kidney removals. Males are used for their organs, females for breeding.”

Putin will disclose it all…


Justice is coming


“The Russian Investigative Committee said on Sunday it will look into allegations the Ukrainian Red Cross Society was involved in shady activities,including keeping records of children with “healthy organs” in the city of Mariupol

>office had medical records for over 1,000 children

–Ultra MAGA IET 17