TrueTheVote (TTV) Analyst: “This Will Be Explosive”


29 May 2022  by Sharon Rondeau at  (47 mins)

(May 29, 2022) – In a wide-ranging and at times meandering interview released Saturday, 28 May 2022, “Patel Patriot” of “Devolution Power Hour” spoke with elections analyst Gregg Phillips, who has been working with the non-profit election-integrity group,, to collect data from the 2020 election.

Following the hotly-contested results, Phillips and TrueTheVote (TTV) founder Catherine Engelbrecht obtained geospatial and video data from several states which they claim demonstrates widespread fraud through “ballot harvesting” carried out by “mules” who were paid,

Since the day after the election, then-President Donald J. Trump claimed it was stolen, although secretaries of state and governors in 6-7 key “swing” states would later certify their results for Democrat Joe Biden, sealing his Electoral College “win.” 

Engelbrecht and Phillips are featured prominently in Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” released for sale and download on May 7 after a preview week in selected theaters. According to D’Souza, by popular demand, the film returned to theaters beginning May 20 and upon its release on Rumble and grossed more than $1 million “in less than 12 hours.”

Engelbrecht served as executive director of the film. In an interview with journalist Sharyl Attkisson just prior to its release, D’Souza detailed how he and Engelbrecht came to collaborate on the production.

Since its release, the mainstream media has worked diligently to convince the public that the film’s premise — that at least 2000 ballot-harvesters, or “mules,” deposited multiple ballots in drop boxes in violation of state laws during the 2020 election cycle — is false and that the geospatial data Engelbrecht and Phillips acquired is not accurate enough to determine whether or not the alleged “mules” were close enough to a drop box to have deposited ballots at any given time.

“D’Souza is elevating shaky, misrepresented, incomplete claims to bolster his rhetoric — as I said, an apt summary of the movie overall,” Washington Post columnist Philip Bump wrote on May 11.

Patel Patriot’s video launches with a montage of clips from Trump’s inauguration and key moments from his presidency; his claim that the COVID-19 pandemic was being used to “steal an election” via expanded mail-in voting; and Trump stating from the White House after the election, as his legal team attempted to show that the process was fraught with illegalities, that if the claims were accurate, “Joe Biden can’t be president.”

Patel speaks for the first time at the 8:14 mark, introducing Phillips and asking him about his earlier research from the 2016 election. The data he acquired, Phillips said, showed that approximately three million non-citizens voted in the election and further, that “a database” he acquired from a source showed 33 million illegal aliens residing in the country, approximately three times the number frequently reported by the mainstream media.

“The source of that database was and is still an employee of the organization from which we obtained it, and we decided, in consultation with our attorneys, not to release it,” Phillips told Patel.

In a May 12 interview with “War Room” host Stephen K. Bannon, Engelbrecht indicated her organization has acquired significantly more data than was included in “2000 Mules” and that she “can’t wait” to release it in its entirety.

TTV did not provide any input to Trump’s “advisory commission” on election integrity formed by executive order in May 2017, Phillips replied to Patel’s question on the subject. Further, Phillips said, “The reality is, there didn’t need to be a commission. All they needed to do…they should have forced the government to turn over that information,” he said, referring to the number of illegal aliens in the country. “It all existed then; it all exists today; that number’s over 40 million today. It was a bogus report in 2001 when it first came out; it’s absurdly bogus now to insinuate that there’s still only 10, 11, 12 million non-citizens in this country illegally; and that fight is one that I think still remains on the horizon…”

Patel responded by pointing out, displaying a contemporaneous news article, that Trump contended in April 2020 that “ballot harvesting” would lead to significant fraud in the upcoming election.

The work on “2000 Mules” lasted 18 months, Phillips told Patel, and required the use of a “super-computer,” as Patel termed it. Engelbrecht’s team “rushed” its production in order to assist state legislatures contemplating changes to election law following the 2020 election, Phillips said. 

Before sharing his research with others, Phillips said, Engelbrecht repeatedly told him, “You can’t be wrong.” “The amount of time that we spent pushing all this together was so significant that it…gives us to this day the confidence to know…we were right,” Phillips told Patel. 

“The fact of the matter is, we’re right; they’re wrong, and the United States either deals with this, or they don’t,” he continued. In the future, he added, his team will be working “directly with law enforcement.”

He and Engelbrecht will be giving a presentation on their findings to members of the Arizona legislature Tuesday, 7 June 2022, Phillips confirmed. 

At 32:33, he told Patel, perhaps unexpectedly, “We have a few issues coming up that are more explosive than the ‘mules’ that are more likely to divide this country even further…because once these come out, and there’s one in particular — it’s a multinational deal; it involves billions of dollars; there’s irrefutable evidence we’ve been involved in a major counterintelligence operation that’s very mature in this country involving federal agencies and us, and there’s been some betrayals along the way; there have been some issues along the way, but once we get to the point where this is ready to go, it’s going to make everyone forget everything about the mules and it’s going to bring into question everything we think we know about these elections.”

When Patel asked about a “time frame” for the release of the new information, Phillips responded, “…probably in the next six weeks or so…we’re completely lawyered up.”

TrueTheVote was unable to obtain “whistleblower protection” from Congress on the matter, Phillips added, requested “because it was that explosive.”

He likened the Michael Sussmann trial, which he said involves “politics” and “big agencies” of the U.S. government having “supported this kind of stuff when they knew the truth,” to his and Engelbrecht’s experience with the federal government.

The work in which TrueTheVote is engaged is “a little bit dangerous,” Phillips further said, expressing that he is “worried about Catherine.” “In the end, we’re all here for one thing, Jon, and that’s for freedom,” Phillips said. “…if some of us are casualties along the way, so what? This issue will be made clear to everyone in the world, and we’ll all have to deal with it, and we either do or we don’t.”

At 36:00, Patel asked Phillips if TrueTheVote has been in contact with Trump, to which he responded in the affirmative. “On this other issue,” he said, “we’ve made them aware that it exists and we’ve made them aware of it tangentially, but the blow-back from the federal agencies that are now targeting us is so significant that we’ve chosen to sort-of keep this away from him and his people because he’s got enough problems with being targeted. Before it goes public, though, we will give them a complete briefing…”