“You may have noticed I didn’t provide any coverage on the Sussman trial over the past few weeks. I chose to focus on the impact it had on the normie population and their new perception of the Russia hoax, as opposed to the actual legal proceedings. 

Why? Firstly, I have zero faith in the “justice” system, as you can see. But the Sussman trial did it’s part as it pertains to waking up normies to the reality that the Russia story was a hoax. Many sheep will realize they were all lied to for years on end by a compromised media. 

But secondly, and most importantly, how am I supposed to care about Clinton and her legal team lying to the FBI, when I have direct evidence that Clinton, Obama, Soros, and Biden, are all the main ideologues of the bioweapons network in Ukraine, in which they laundered US tax dollars to create bioweapons and unleash them on the world for profit and to retain power… 

We have WAYYY bigger fish to fry. Not to mention the punishment for these international crimes would constitute an “International Military Tribunal”, and we won’t have to worry about the US Justice system. This is the most plausible legal avenue to legitimately have military tribunals and circumvent this very problem. 

Military is the only way. Don’t know how many times it needs to be said. I don’t give a single fuck about Clinton’s lawyer, when we have incontrovertible evidence that Clinton and the rest of the establishment are engaged in 

bio-terrorism and mass genocide. 

None of these smaller process crimes matter if they get away with creating C19 and the “vaccines”. The prosperity of a free world hinges on the prosecution of those who created C19.

 Focus your energy on more important things. See photo above.”


P.S. for all you saying there is no hope who think there is no point to any of this and are crying like children… do so elsewhere. If you really think all entities around the world are compromised and there is no hope, then you’re a pussy for not doing anything about it.