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Biernutz_71Jun 1

Call me crazy, but I may just be one of the few people who didn’t freak out and is okay with the recent Durham verdict (I will explain more of that later). Don’t get me wrong, seeing sweat justice and vindication is a very real desire for me. However, sometimes we must forfeit our desire for immediate satisfaction in hopes of a greater reward later. Christians are used to this concept. If we are doing it right, we have spent our lives in sacrifice of the temporal in service of the truth. Our anon community is no doubt used to this practice as well. Perhaps one could argue that WE are the Ministry of Truth.

My focus is not on religion in this article but up on truth. If you have been paying attention to the Durham/Michael Sussman case like I have, then you know a great deal of truth has been revealed. Regardless of the outcome, the truth is on record now! To be honest, I don’t really have a take that has not been, in part or in full, discussed byJust_Human or Brian Cates. Those two are my go-to sources for all things legal and Durham related. Anything I say now will just be lost in the aftermath of this verdict.

However, now that fog is clearing, I feel like there is something I can contribute to the effort in this information war. Like a cowbell bursting out in the middle of Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult (Saturday Night Live reference) there was a fundamental aspect of human nature I observed in that trial that I cannot forget. It has brought me comfort and peace and I want to share it with you. In the middle of all the noise, the emotions, the preponderance of evidence, and ultimately the disappointing verdict, the human intuition to save yourself and abandoned a lie rang loud and clear.

I want to draw your attention to two specific individuals in the Durham/Sussman case: Marc Elias for the defense and Robby Mook for the prosecution. Marc Elias is a former employee and colleague of Sussman’s at Perkins Coie Law firm and Robby Mook is the former 2016 campaign manager for Hillary Clinton. The law firm of Perkins Coie was the law firm representing Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention (DNC). While one took the stand for the prosecution and one took the stand for the defense, both offered up a clue of why we should not be discouraged by this trial. In fact, because of what they revealed I am more confident than ever we are on the right track.

Let’s start with Marc Elias. Here is what the Washington Examiner said that caught my attention:

Marc Elias threw special counsel John Durham’s against Democratic cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann into disarray over comments seemingly hinting at the accused’s possible decision not to testify.

During his time on the stand Wednesday, Elias, the said that “you’d have to ask Mr. Sussmann” about whether the defendant had gone to the FBI with Alfa-Bank claims on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

The defense team believed that was a clear nod to Sussmann’s pending decision on whether to invoke the Fifth Amendment. The team argued Elias’s comments should be struck, and if they weren’t, then a mistrial should be declared.

Setting aside the fact that this was NOT how the line of questioning was to go, this almost sounds like Elias is going into self-preservation mode. Why would Elias try and goad Sussman to take the stand? Regardless if he is a witness for the prosecution, Elais and Sussman are on the same team. Here is a summary from the Washington Examiner:

Elias was pressed Wednesday on his role in pushing Trump-Russia collusion claims when he took the stand. He attempted to defend his work with the opposition research firm Fusion GPS while trying to distance himself and the campaign from Sussmann’s decision to push Alfa-Bank collusion claims to the FBI.

Key phrase in this: “Elias was pressed.” It appears to me that when pressed, even a little bit, cracks were showing in the unholy alliance of the Perkins Coie/HRC/DNC cabal. Look, I am not trying to move the goalposts here or make something up that is not. This fracture was clearly seen and observed by many. Here is a tweet replying to ZeroHedges coverage of the trial:

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