Sent: 6/3/2022 12:40:46 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: Preliminary Summary of Present Food Security Issues

I recently heard the Director of Infrastructure Security at a reputable think tank summarize the current situation vis a vis the food supply.  

Keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress that is about 60% complete.  A report with recommendations is forthcoming within the next few weeks.

Here are the key points:

1) There have been 30 major fires at food processing plants in the past 16 months.

2) 2,000 fires have taken place in settings with livestock and at agricultural facilities.

3) The agricultural sector has experienced a 607% increase in fires.

4) While China is stocking massive amounts of grain, the U.S. is not stocking food.

5) The manipulation of markets has included transportation stoppages like Union Pacific’s recent refusal to transport fertilizer and other agricultural products.  (They are largely controlled by Black Rock and Vanguard).

6) Other infrastructure is being targeted that supports food production and distribution such as unguarded electric substructures.

7) Biological threats such as the Avian flu and genetic engineering or modification of food present a significant concern.

8) China is involved in the geo-tracking of our food production facilities which raises major questions about the potential sabotaging of our food supply.

Anyone with additional information on threats to our supply chain and food security (or useful contacts), please contact me by return email.

Janet Levy,

Los Angeles