2) to charge all their trucks would take up more then 12 states electrical grids. Essentially leaving all homes & businesses in those states w/out electricity. Another carriers head shared that when they presented plans to a major city along an interstate to build a new

3) terminal for their trucks, their plans to put in 100 electrical charging stations to possibly charge semi’s in the future would be impossible for the major city near it and the surrounding communities to support the energy such an ambitious need. The city planners essentially

4) stated that their community, and state, couldn’t handle the required pull from their electrical grids. So this carrier had to cut their plans back to 10 future charging stations from the 100 they believed they would need. What do just these 2 examples demonstrate?

5) That the Democrats in Congress are totally blind to the unintended consequences of their demands for eliminating gas or diesel powered vehicles. They refuse to acknowledge that many of the electrical grids are powered from fossil fuels, and those that aren’t present issues

6) that the lack of sunshine, wind or water would (not could) present during specific times of the year. The Democrats are essentially attempting to send us back to a time when only the rich could afford the luxury of electricity and even indoor plumbing. I ask you…

7)How will elevators be powered in the many luxury high rises most of them live in? How will they power the security cameras & equipment many of them surround their homes with? How will we be able to be able to become battery manufacturing independent, not relying on China

8) for the materials to build all the batteries needed? Where are we going to dispense with the batteries that no longer work? Will this cause the type of landfill problems nuclear waste caused? There are so many open-ended questions that the Democrats haven’t, or refuse to,

9) look at. The material needed to build the batteries required will be in jeopardy of running out, just as the Democrats claim fossil fuels are. Additionally, what’s the difference between drilling for fuel and mining for the components for batteries? What are the health risks

10) to humans being exposed to so much electricity? As compared to our exposure to fossil fuels. A panelist of actual independent scientists, economists, ecologists needs to be assembled to take a looked at these questions, issues and others not mentioned here.

11) What the Democrats are demanding is nothing short of country destroying if not done correctly. Take a look at our current inflation, cost of food & cost of fuel to see that what I’m presenting is not far-fetched nor a conspiracy. We all need to open our eyes & demand answers

12) to these basic questions, if anything. Sitting back and pretending nothing is happening is just plain ignorant. When your future grandchildren look back on these times in history, will they be able to proudly say that you tried to do something about today’s state of affairs

13) in our country? Or, will they quietly sit back in shame because they will know that you refused to do nothing, to ask no questions, to look at none of the statistics and to think for yourself? Just like in 1776, we are at a cross-roads here in America. Our enemy is not

14) a monarchy from a country across the ocean. Our enemy is from the power hungry elite politicians and billionaires from within our borders. Many of them actually born on these lands. They are the ones to benefit from everything we don’t question. Thoughts?