When the evidence is rubbed in the faces of the normies that ALL of this is deliberate, the rage that is going to shake this country will be something to see.  Because crimes against children unite humanity and stuff. – Brian Cates

Me: It will take every ounce of self-control to not get in their faces. I know the better way to win the newly red-pilled is to welcome them with open arms. Maybe… and maybe later, but right now, here’s my message to the normies, especially those who have been implacably dug-in with every cockamamie democrat idea :

“You refused to listen, much less believe or trust when attempts were made to point out the truth, time and again. You clutched your belief to your bosom because your identity, sense of self-worth was wrapped up in it, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. You would not / could not ever allow yourself to consider the fact that all our country’s political parties are corrupted. And because of your stubborn refusal to use a modicum of critical, analytical thinking skills, you consistently voted for anyone in a “D” column. It’s who you were: prideful and blindly clinging to the notion that the D party was looking out for you. Welcome to the real world.”

The above will be my “polite” way of expressing what I’m really thinking:

“You f*cking idiot. You haven’t used half the brain God gave you because you’ve been an arrogant, egotistical, prideful, complacent, thick-headed, ill-informed, uninformed, misinformed, politically dumbed down idiot all your adult life who believed every morsel of dogshit the lying corrupt, controlled corporate media spoon-fed you and your ilk all your life. Oh, yeah, one more thing… you didn’t like Trump.”

Too harsh?