Bill Barr NOW SAYS Hillary Clinton Was Guilty of Sedition 

  • Bill Barr now says Hillary Clinton could have been charged with sedition.
    Why didn’t Barr do this?
  • Think of the optics, while Trump in the WH, Barr doing his bidding?

Conservative Brief reported:

  • “I believe it is seditious,” he said, but he warned that those charges would be tough to prove in a court.
  • “It was a gross injustice, and it hurt the United States in many ways, including what we’re seeing in Ukraine these days. It distorted our foreign policy, and so forth,” the former attorney general said.

Fmr AG Barr: ‘I Haven’t Seen Anything that Makes Me Think the President Committed a Crime’ 

  • Barr said  
  • “Well, I haven’t seen anything that makes me think the president committed a crime,” he said. “What’s come out so far has generally been known before. There were a few things that were new. But I do think there are legitimate areas of inquiry, but I also agree with the congresswoman — that this isn’t set up as an optimal mechanism for getting at the truth, and there is, obviously, a big political overlay.”
  • “But, you know, I think it’s legitimate to explore whether or not there was a plan to use violence to stop the vote,” Barr continued. “And if there was a plan, was the President involved. I haven’t seen anything up to now that makes me think he was. And I personally doubt it. But I think that those are legitimate questions. And the other question is more of a political nature which is, you know, did the president stand the by for hours while the Capitol was under attack and did nothing and made the comments that were attributed to him about the vice president. I think that’s a legitimate area of inquiry.”


Elon Musk’s Starlink Makes China ‘Very Scared’: Space Expert

  • Elon Musk’s Starlink makes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “nervous,” as the SpaceX satellite internet business is the “only” player in the field now when it comes to the United States’ strategic space race with China.
  • Starlink, a satellite internet constellation operated by Musk’s spacecraft company SpaceX, currently consists of over 2,400 satellites that orbit the earth at an altitude more than 60 times lower than the satellites that carry most of the world’s internet today.
  • CCP Is ‘Nervous’
  • The reason U.S. adversaries are nervous about Starlink, according to Weichert, is that the satellite system is resistant to mass-scale attacks U.S. adversaries are currently capable of and thus makes “destroying” America’s space infrastructure much more difficult than before.
  • The strength of Starlink is its redundancy. So basically, we saw last summer, a solar flare knocked out something like 20—or maybe it was even 40—Starlink satellites, and Musk didn’t even bat an eye. Within a day, those systems were replaced because they’re small and they’re cheap.”


Musk received a fire hose of data from TWITTER, which fits on a USB stick!

Does Musk have the key to unlock data that shows which accounts are the bots? Will it show where the bot farms are located, who is involved? 

Let’s take this a step further, let’s talk about the election.

Gregg Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht have the data. Will the data Musk received reinforce TRUE the VOTE data? And that of the US Space Force? 

Gregg Phillips@greggphillips

  • Started using Geofeedia almost a decade ago. Every locator from every social media platform is clickable to see message, location data and time
  • …and because this firehose of tweets also has geolocation and temporal stamps, Elon will have an incredible geospatial tracking data set.
  • Wanna make a deal Elon?
Gregg Phillips@greggphillips