How China May Invade the U.S. Mainland and It’s Not What You Think

We begin with basic facts and assumptions:

The 51st article in a series: Given the long established and evidenced history of the UN interceding on U.S. national sovereignty to assist a primary financing nation in China with installing a pro…


1. What makes this nation impossible to invade outside-in? *The number of privately owned firearms in America.

2. What does that make all private firearms owners in America? *One of its greatest strengths, assets and deterrents to hostile foreign nations in regard to national defense.

3. What does that mean for private firearms owners? It means they are individually and collectively tactical targets to any invading country.

4. How would you expect the Chinese to fight? *By winning the fight before it’s fought; by taking the path of least resistance, and attacking from the shadows.

5. How would the Chinese invade? *Inside-out vis-a-vis infiltration on a long timeline resulting in actual or de facto ownership and control of American institutions, departments and agencies.

6. What does all of that mean? *It means the attack is coming from inside our own government, which is beholden to China [proxy Biden], and is seeking to disarm private firearms owners and abolish the Second Amendment.

Joe Biden is our launch point and this social media post provides a succinct explanation:

Joe Biden just came-out and announced that he wants to ban 9mm handguns.

Biden previously said he wants to ban “assault weapons” and specifically the AR-15.

What do you think the most widely owned handgun is in America?

It’s the 9mm.

What about the most widely owned rifle?

It’s the AR-15.

They’re using false flag operations to build a narrative to disarm the American people as the last remaining barrier between our freedom and liberty and their Marxist communist brand of tyranny.

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