“With certainty but not yet finality as there still remains a sliver of time to fully redress matters as determined by an emerging threshold segment of the population that is stirring to actually fight back in ways that matter, the end of our free and open society is upon us. If the redressing does not manifest fully and effectively, it means that every single U.S. citizen who lost his or her life defending this Republic did so in vain.

Every single individual death will amount to a pointless exercise in futility and all because the current U.S. population has permitted itself to become malleable victims of psychological warfare; programmed functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking; cowards afraid to assume personal risk to effectively take a stand and fight back. Not all of us but enough of us and the ones who know better are ineffective in rectifying things to bring the ones who don’t to an appropriate level of understanding. The time for that to change is long past us. (NOTE: I DISAGREE. DO YOU?)

In short, we’re living through the death of a nation and the beginning of a new communist one.(NOTE: UNLESS WE DON’T RISE TO THE OCCASION AND FIGHT BACK – SEE Q DROPS)

Barack Obama never secluded into private life like every single one of his predecessors because he’s still running the nation and has been since 2009. He never left. He was still in charge during the Trump Administration; that legacy fully unwound in spectacular fashion. As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and Commander in Chief from the 2020 election through inauguration day, Trump has only one person to blame for the theft of the most historic landslide election in U.S. history, which was stolen in plain daylight, and that person is Trump himself. He “had it all” and did absolutely nothing with it. Dead horse kicked. (NOTE: IT IS DESIGNED TO APPEAR THAT WAY. DO YOU HAVE FAITH IN THE PLAN FOR US TO BE VICTORIOUS AS I DO?)

Proxy Joe is Obama’s disastrous point man who is fully owned by and was installed by China. China is nothing more than a lever similar to the U.S. that this Globalist cabal pulls and wields as it wishes and it’s emblematic of the shift of global operations from the U.S. to China, or from a free country to a communist one. Regard that as the handwriting on the wall spelling out the global shift occurring right now.”