Cognitive Carbon lays it out.

In case you all hadn’t heard all the pieces:

(1) Trump released a 12-page letter last night blasting the election fraud and Biden.

(2) The J6 Commitee “suddenly” tells the DOJ today that they don’t intend to indict Trump or any of his associates. Last week, that was all the rage on the Dem side;

(3) The J6 Kangaroo Court proceedings were scheduled to continue tomorrow, but have been called off for Wednesday;

(4) this is a Supreme Court ruling week, and there is speculation that the Roe/Wade decision and possibly gun law ruling may drop (possibly Wed.)

Given that we know there is a leak at SCOTUS, its likely the decision is already known–thus the Dems know rioting is coming, and they don’t want the hypocritical spectacle of showing Grandmas waving flags on J6 singing God Bless America while “storming” the Capitol to be on the same news channel as another round of riots, arson, looting, and mayhem from raging leftists like what happened in June of 2020. So they cancelled the “Show Trial” because of Optics.

Oh… and Today is Trump’s birthday, and the @q account on Truth Social changed its handle to @Q today. For some reason 😉