From BioClandestine who is doing some deep digging and sharing it with us on Telegram. (What, you didn’t think you’d see this on the 6 o’clock news, did you???)

Many people have reached out concerned that since Zelensky ordered the destruction of all Ukrainian State docs related to Metabiota, that all the documents are gone and there will be no proof. I got 2 words for you:


I know it’s easy to get distracted by photos of Hunter with the crack pipes, mid-grade prostitutes, and Pokémon blow up dolls; but the real juice is in the Metabiota emails on that laptop and all the dirty business dealings with Ukraine.

That imbecile had all the goods on the entire biological network in Ukraine on his personal devices. And we know Russia has seen all of it. How do you think Russia knew where to look for the black site biolabs? Russia had all of this information and proof of Ukrainian State involvement LONG before they ever launched a missile.

All the Ukrainians did by burning these documents was CONFIRM their complicity and guilt in these crimes against humanity. Who mass burns documents unless they have something to hide? 

For those who are wondering why the significance of veterinary facilities and why Russia seems to be targeting them, because the veterinary facilities are where the “defensive” pathogens become biological weapons.

The US are claiming that the creation of C19 and other dangerous pathogens does not fall under “offensive biological weapon production”. They claim the gain of function research is “peaceful”. Well when they introduce this pathogen to a vector, say an animal with intent to carry this pathogen, together, the animal vector and the pathogen now become a “weapon”. 

Same with the aerosol canisters attached to drones, used to remotely disperse airborne water particles which could contain pathogens. Once you introduce an avenue to administer these pathogens, that’s when it technically becomes a weapon as per the BWC (Biological Weapons Convention). 

Think of all the biological activity in relation to animals:

-Main target for Russian military was a veterinary laboratory in Mariupol, Ukraine. 

-Russian military moves into Nicaragua, home to US funded BSL-3 veterinary laboratory. 

-Fauci using beagles as test dummies for fly-bite transmission research. 

-Gates Foundation unleashing genetically modified mosquitos.

-CDC monkeys carrying dangerous pathogens escaping in Pennsylvania

-Dangerous animal research at Wuhan Institute of Virology.

-Monkeypox outbreaks carried by rats and prairie dogs. 

-Russia accusations of US of using migratory birds to pass pathogens to Ukraine and Russia.

-US DARPA program “Insect Allies” on the books biological program to equip bug armies with “peaceful” pathogens to “save” crops and agriculture. 

So many instances of government utilization of animals as vectors for disease. And these accusations from Russia aren’t all that secret. Even the left-wing media have talked about it. 

See our lovely friends from Vice wrote this article back in March about the “crazy conspiracy” that Russia is pushing that the US are using migratory birds to spread disease and cause famine by killing crops. 

Keep in mind Vice also wrote an article saying that there were no biolabs in Ukraine and that was a “crazy conspiracy”. They said the same thing about the Hunter Biden Laptop…

Seems everything they call a conspiracy theory turns out to be real. Imagine that. 

Russia Is Now Claiming the US Trained Birds to Deliver Ukrainian Bioweapons

The Kremlin’s efforts to convince its citizens that Ukraine is the real aggressor are becoming increasingly desperate.