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When the Party of Hate has No More Cover

DemoKKKrats adeptly concealed themselves for decades. Now they are exposed.

Larry Schweikart

Jun 11

For a party that is utterly anti-religious, and especially anti-Christian, the DemoKKKrats today must be feeling a lot like Adam and Eve. 

For over 90 years, ever since FDR bought off millions of desperate and poor voters with gubment money in the New Deal, the DemoKKKrats have concealed themselves as the party of “compassion” and caring for the “little guy.” That b gone faster than a c-note at a gas station.

Really the first to peel off the layers obscuring who the DemoKKKrats really were was Zero (i.e., Obama). Instead of uniting the races, he began a modern day race war, the price of which we are still paying. On the eve of his election, race relations in America were at an all time high. Many thought Chocolate Jesus would put us over the top of peace, love, and Rodney King. Oops.

Instead, Zero played the race card at every opportunity, from the “Beer Summit” over an incident with a professor to Michael Obama’s comments that finally she/he could be “proud” of the USA. Why? Because the brilliant USA finally elected Zero.

Zero’s race card served him—-but only him—-very well for eight years. It ensured his reelection, along with totally corrupt and useless GOP stand-ins McTurd and Minion. Those two couldn’t have gotten elected against Hannibal Lecter. But the 2012 election was particularly about Americans of all races, as the great Rush Limbaugh pointed out, not wanting to see the first black president fail. So, Americans permitted themselves and their nation to be further debased by idiotic policies and slothful leadership.

Enter Trump. In just over a year of campaigning, Trump exposed all the weaknesses and hypocrisies of the Republican Party, driving out such bovine-brained chickendimples as Bill (Broken) Krystol, David (Frenchfry) French, Jonah (Goldberger) Goldberg, and the entire editorial staff of NRO. Fecalwrap excuses for congressmen and women such as Fred Upton, Adam Kinzinger, Liz (Clutterucket) Cheney, and others were sent packing, most now serving their last moments at the public trough.

Instead what remains of a great GOP is a MAGA core, alive and vibrant, focused on making America great, energy independence, lower prices for goods for Americans, less dependence on the Chicoms, less connection to the warbrained Euros, and tight borders. If you recall, pre-China Virus, Trump did ALL OF THESE THINGS IN JUST THREE YEARS, and gave us three pretty solid conservative Supreme Court Justices to boot.

To move past the China Virus, Trump had by far the most successful three-year period in all of American history barring George Washington’s first term. And this isn’t close. If you need to check it out, go here:

Inside you will also find the flip side of the party system, the Evil Party, which in the last 20 years has shed its shiny, pretty “compassionate” skin to become full out the Party of Hate. Editorials such as “Why do Democrats hate kids?” are way off. Democrats hate everyone, particularly themselves. Have you ever seen some of their pierced and tattooed members? In previous centuries these lunatics would be wrapped in gauze and stuffed in mental wards.

The question shouldn’t be why do DemoKKKrats hate? They have hated from the beginning of their party thanks to Martin Van Buren (himself a slaveowner, but not a hater), who actually sought to prevent the oncoming civil war he saw on the horizon by taking the issue of slavery entirely off the table of public (and even private) debate.

Van Buren’s new “second American Party System” as historian Robert Remini, the leading biographer of both him and Andrew Jackson called it, was to prevent discussion of slavery by promising party and government jobs. There were several ramifications of this, the most important of which for our purposes is that it allowed the South to become more isolated and hateful over time. By keeping the federal government in the hands of southerners (at the Senate, House, and Court levels) and “northern men of southern principles” (i.e., northerners who would not touch slavery) at the presidential level, the South slowly drove out abolitionists, emancipation literature, and tightened its laws against free blacks. By the eve of the Civil War, Virginia (which not longer had a dominant cotton culture) was expelling free blacks as fast as it could.

The point is, by isolating the South and allowing it to wallow in its hate, the DemoKKKrat Party (which soon was significantly aligned with the South) itself became a vessel of hate. No wonder it was the origin of the Ku Klux Klan, the Knights of the White Camelia, and other anti-black/anti-immigrant groups. Lynchings were commonplace in the new hate-zone.

Franklin Roosevelt temporarily doused the fires of hate through gubment giveaways. Blacks voted for Hoover in 1932, but switched allegiance in 1936 after massive handouts. Instead of dealing with internal hate groups such as the “Dixiecrats,” FDR and the national party temporarily used Lincoln’s strategy with the Mormons in the Civil War when he said, paraphrasing:

Sometimes when plowing a field I’d come across a stump that was to big to pull up or too wet to burn. So I’d plow around it.

DemoKKKrats tried to “plow around” their hate core, slowly transforming it from blacks to rich people, then white people, then hetrosexual people. By the early 2000s, they had given up trying to control their hate twerk and reveled in it as “just.” You see, white, hetrosexuals, people who want a controlled border, Trump voters, MAGA people were all worthy of hate. It was the very rationale that led a nutjob hate-filled DemoKKKrat shooter to try to kill numerous Republicans on a baseball field; the same deranged hate-filled spooge that led another nutjob DemoKKKrat to seek out Justice Brett Kavanaugh last week; or to picket Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s home two days ago.

These would-be murderers are merely the modern incarnation of the old DemoKKKrat model citizen. Their party, born in hate and nurtured by race hate, could not have turned out any other way. Today they are again the party of segregation at universities; of force and tyranny when it comes to their view of health (can you say Tuskegee?); and the party of utter intolerance (just look at the liberal fascism Jonah Goldberger described in his book—-before he became one).

Make no mistake, today the Party of Hate utterly hates America. This is why no matter the issue, you’ll not only see every DemoKKKrat line up against the USA, but also every anal-wart “Republican/conservative” from people who never in their lives were truly conservative in any way, shape or form, including the repulsive Jenny the Ugly Red Rubin, the aforementioned Congresscolons, and the former pundits who have unveiled their hate for all to see. 

So, “Do DemoKKKrats hate children?” Why not? They hate everyone, and everything, else.

Larry Schweikart 

Rock drummer

Film maker

NYTimes #1 bestselling author

Political pundit

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