Trump was right again, Russia is limiting Germany’s gas flow by 40% and he mentioned this during the time he was giving a speech at the UN and the Germans laughed at it.

The puppet masters’ Central Bank is trapped in their agenda, and it is collapsing on them. The transition is going to be glorious.

The [DS] has no ammunition to challenge the big lie. Trump and the patriots are pushing operation offensive and winning. The red wave is coming.

For the plan to work, Trump and the military needed the people’s support, plus they needed the people to change the local elections and remove the corrupt politicians. This is happening, the midterms will signal the way forward.

The [DS] will be destroyed by the MIL-CIV Alliance.

Trump Was Right Again – Russia Further Reduces Natural Gas Flow by 40% into Germany

  • In 2018 during his speech to the UN General Assembly President Donald Trump lodged a warning to Germany about their country’s reliance on Russian energy.
  • The German delegation laughed on camera at the remarks.
  • On Wednesday Russia announced it would reduce natural gas flows through a key European pipeline by roughly 40% into Germany. 
  • Trump was right again.

Hunter Biden texted that his brother’s widow gave the impression he’s “an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies.” How did she know?

Travis Tritt@TravisTritt

  • Red Flag laws are unconstitutional and were struck down by the US Supreme Court as recently as 2021 by unanimous decision. These laws violate due process and strip away 2A rights from citizens who have committed no crimes. Nevertheless, the Biden regime and RINOs in the US Senate are bent on treating the US Constitution like toilet paper. These laws will be used to punish political enemies. Take note of all politicians who support Red Flag laws and vote them out.

Supreme Court Ruling Delegitimizes Red Flag Laws 

  • Feeling irrationally angry after an argument with his wife in 2015, the police were called on firearm owner Edward Caniglia to perform a welfare check. He agreed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital to determine suicidality on the condition that police not confiscate his guns.
  • Upon returning to his home, however, Caniglia found that the police had unconstitutionally searched his house and seized his firearms.
  • For the first time in 13 years, the Court upheld both privacy and gun rights, this time unanimously. Caniglia v. Strom’s 9-0 decision has the potential to create lasting effects and set precedent as powerful as was DC v. Heller in 2008.
  • Incredibly, after Caniglia sued the officers, the First District court ruled in favor of the police officers and incorrectly claimed the seizure was justified under a “community caretaking exception” to the Fourth Amendment. In essence, the court tried to equate the police stopping to help a disabled vehicle on the side of the road to an illegal search of a private residence.
  • Caniglia appealed his case until it was received by the Supreme Court in 2021. Justice Thomas succinctly expressed the majority opinion of all nine justices that such an overt violation of the Fourth Amendment was obviously unconstitutional.
  • The Supreme Court rightly protected the sanctity of the home on May 17th’s landmark decision. The First District court’s inadequately reasoned “caretaking exception” is an example of a ruse often used by the state when individual rights prevent it from getting what it wants.
  • This reaffirmation of both privacy and Second Amendment rights should give pause to advocates of red flag laws. Posing as defenders of public safety, red flag laws bypass the Second and Fourth Amendments while simultaneously abolishing due process.
  • The court’s decision serves as a reminder that the public must continually call out unconstitutional practices and push back the encroaching vines of arbitrary government intervention in order to retain their rights.


No decision on Roe today..

If I was looking at taking down Roe V Wade and I knew Antifa was planning to riot, I’d use some form of bait and switch to gauge threats and reactions. It appears like they are waiting for the perfect time for this decision. It could bring about a domino effect that leads to something much more Biblical in scale. A doorway to habbenings.” – Ultra Pepe Lives Matter