“I firmly believe the FCC pulled the J6 Committee Production. And that circles right back to Bill Barr & Pence’s Red Line FCC doc on Sect 230 & leaving interpretation of certain issues to the discretion of the FCC.” — Karma Patriot

Trump just demanded equal time to present his own case to  the public vs. the J6 Show Trial. 

>>>> This brings an EO into play.  One that Barr helped craft and involved changing FCC regulations.

Trying to see if this legislation also applies to Television broadcast…..but gotta be more than a coincidence that this was a collaboration between BARR, PENCE & TRUMP.

And BARR cutting up so bad yesterday to get attention, & then INTENTIONALLY dropping the title of movie 2000 MULES. 

REDLINE part in the ACT is what really got my attention….

It’s not legislation for Congress to pass (I don’t think??)…….seems to be reforms made by Barr & the Dept of Justice. And then sent to Pence.

Wondering if it not only applies to Twitter, Facebook, etc……but also to MSM outlets?!

The changes agreed upon between Barr & Pence appear to be literally WRITTEN IN RED 👀

AND…..it became a law on January 1, 2021

“Streaming” brings MSM tv Broadcasting & Internet together under the same umbrella……INFORMATION CONTENT PROVIDER.

The J6 committee is not bipartisan.

And this was a PRIMETIME production by Democrats in Congress that was paid for by our tax dollars …..every network & station that aired it must now offer the exact same amount of time to a Republican production of some sort or face steep penalties, or some other consequence, right?

I know Shakespeare, but evidently auto correct does not.

It’s actually “one fell swoop”.

Shakespeare’s MacBeth.

If you do something in “one fell swoop”, it means you do it in a single action.

Doing a lot of things all at once, with ONE action.

The swoop is the rapid descent made by a bird when capturing prey.

Bill Barr is stealth.  

He just humiliated & trapped the J6 Committee in one FELL swoop 😉