Among other things, Russia claims at least one bio lab in Ukraine, which was help by an American, conducted experiments on vulnerable Ukrainians which violate international law, including the Nuremberg Code.


​​🔹We have already noted that Hunter Biden was instrumental in creating the financial opportunity to work with pathogens in Ukraine by securing funds for Black & Veach and Metabiotics companies.

🔹The published correspondence of Biden with the administration of the Rosemont Seneca Investment Fund shows the use of administrative resources and blatant lobbying of Metabiota’s interests in U.S. government.

🔹Managing Director John Delosch asks Biden: ‘…Is there anyone we can call in Washington to get an idea of how seriously Metabiotics is being considered by various government agencies?’

🔹This kind of wording raises the question of the personal financial interest of Biden and other co-founders of Rosemont Seneca in the implementation of the Pentagon’s military-biological programme in Ukraine, as well as the presence of a corrupt component.

🔹The apparent lack of investment appeal of projects aimed to reconstruct Ukrainian biolaboratories raises doubts about the transparency of ongoing financial activities.

🔹In addition, funding from non-State sources such as the Biden Foundation, allows the Pentagon not to report to the Senate Budget Committee on the objectives and results of bioweapons research in Ukraine, hiding them from the public thereby.

🔹The analysed documents of the investment agencies subordinated to Biden do not contain any information about payments to beneficiaries and distribution of dividends. It indicates the concealment of profits with high probability and is a sign of illegal payment schemes and tax evasion that is a serious violation of the U.S. law.

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