They brought their evil upon us with their COVID-19 crimes against humanity. Big pharma made mad profits with meds that further harmed the people.

Few knew of meds that cured cancer. But now, due to their C19 push and suppression of the cures, we found the meds that cured their virus. People are now aware of Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, Fenbendazole. All of which are curing cancer for people.

Info becoming mainstream. Awakening.

It is boomeranging on them.

Governor Ron DeSantis To Sign Bill Declaring Religious Services ‘Essential’ Even In Emergency Declarations 

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is making another bold move for the residents of his state, signing a bill that bars the state from prohibiting religious services during any emergency declaration.

The bill would work to protect religious groups, such as churches, and allow the continuation of public gatherings within the organization, even during events such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic under certain circumstances.

Senate Bill 254, which passed through the state senate in January, states that an emergency declaration “may not directly or indirectly prohibit a religious institution from conducting regular religious services or activities.”