Today, we filed an Amended Complaint with several additional defendants, including Adam Schiff and Rod Rosenstein, that incorporates all of the damning information that was uncovered throughout the course of the Sussmann trial. Collectively, the defendants will be held accountable for their brazen efforts to defraud the American people and undermine our democracy. @realDonaldTrump

Brian Cates:

Before anybody asks:

Why, yes.  I still hold that Rosenstein was Trump’s mole on the inside.  

At worst, he flipped by the time he took his AF 1 plane ride and Trump gave him the big thumbs up endorsement afterwards.  

But I still think the timeline of events points to RR being sent in already undercover on Trump’s team.  

He was cleared by the DOJ Ethics Dept. to both supervise his subordinates as they performed illegal acts and then testify against them later as a witness for the prosecution.  

Kamala Harris really thought she he had an airtight argument about Rosenstein’s conflicts of interest.  

I’m apparently the only journalist in America who remembers how Barr answered her accusation that Rosenstein couldn’t supervise people he’d later testify against.  

Understand what you just read here: Harris demanded to know from Barr if Rosenstein had been cleared by the DOJ ethics department to be both a witness in Mueller-report-related cases and the overseer of those cases.

She fully anticipated Barr looking confused and either saying he had no idea if Rosenstein’s dual role and the direct conflict of interest it implied had ever been addressed by the DOJ ethics department or that he would come out and say “no.”

Barr answered–much to Senator Harris’ obvious surprise—that Rosenstein had been cleared for this dual role when he was appointed.

Of course, Harris misses the revelation here from Barr.

Yes, I believe Rosenstein is going to be a key witness in more than a few upcoming cases. Harris thinks that should disqualify Rosenstein from making decisions while he was in charge of Special Counsel Mueller.

Flustered at not getting the answer she obviously wanted, all Harris could think to do was repeat the question several times, perhaps in the hopes that Barr would change his answer. He did not. Multiple times she asked him if Rosenstein’s dual role had ever been addressed by the Department of Justice’s ethics department, and so multiple times Barr told her that yes, the issue had been addressed and Rosenstein’s dual role had been cleared by the DOJ Ethics Department at the time he was appointed to the role of Deputy Attorney General.

Here’s your key reminder: when was Rod Rosenstein appointed to head the Mueller Special Counsel? When he was confirmed to the DAG job back on April 25, 2017.  As Barr correctly notes, it was actually discussed on the Senate floor at the time his nomination to the DAG post was being debated that he would the person leading the Russia investigation if he was confirmed to this post, which he was, by a vote of 94-6.

The DOJ Ethics Department looked into the issue of Rosenstein both leading the Russia investigation and appearing as a key witness in cases that sprang from what ended up being the Mueller Special Counsel at the time he was appointed to the job way back in April 2o17.

Ponder the implications of that, because it’s clear that Senator Harris did not.

Brian Cates is a writer based in South Texas and author of “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!” He can be reached on Twitter at @drawandstrike.