Couldn’t sleep. Tossed and turned. Opened up the phone to check on happenings on Telegram and BAM!

Oh crap it’s the REAL Q! Comb your hair.

Q’s back.

And I’m WIDE awake. 👀


Somewhere in dark rooms… really shitty people are about to pull the trigger on riots… and Q comes back…

“we see you”

“we know who you are”

“we know where you are”

“we’re listening”

Hammer’s interpretation of the message just shot across the bow…

Holy shit, Q is back 👀

What you guys think about Q coming back?

Dear Q, Q+ & God,

My oath never expires.

Ready and willing.

Bring it. 🙏

I wonder if these Q posts on TRUTH have anything to do with Q’s on 8kun?