Watch Bret Baier’s face in this interview when Kari Lake, candidate for AZ Gov takes on Fox.

Kari Lake is awesome. She would have my vote if I resided in Arizona. No question.

The full interview

By Radiopatriot

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  1. i wish I lived in Arizona. Bret is a putz. He needs to go join Shleppard Smith, wherever he is now.

  2. That’s not journalism. He didn’t even let her answer the questions he asked her. He was too busy running his mouth.

  3. WoW!! I love it. Kari is professional, highly intelligent and poised. He didn’t get her into a rage which is awesome because many times these interviews result in yelling. She spoke with the facts. BB didn’t even let her finish her sentence when asked about another interview where he did not ask such questions of the Dem. Call me “impressed”.

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