Finally, someone is calling her out. US Sen. Susan Collins, who “represents” Maine is without doubt, of limited intellectual capacity.

Senator Susan (“dum dum”) Collins of Maine gets called out for being the lazy fence straddler she is. Maine voters need to see this and find a MAGA challenger who will take her out.

A former law clerk to Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch sounded off during a Monday Fox News appearance over Republican Sen. Susan Collins’ claims that Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh misled her during their confirmation processes.

“For Susan Collins to say these two Supreme Court justices lied to her, it just shows that she did not do her homework and she has a fundamental misunderstanding of the law of precedent,” Mike Davis of the Article III Project said on “America’s Newsroom.” (RELATED: ‘What Other Judicial Outrage Must We Endure?’: Dems Call For Expanding SCOTUS After String Of Losses)


Collins told The New York Times she felt “misled” after the Supreme Court upheld a Mississippi law prohibiting most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy, despite Kavanaugh reportedly assuring the Maine senator in private that Roe was established precedent.

“This decision is inconsistent with what Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh said in their testimony and their meetings with me, where they both were insistent on the importance of supporting long-standing precedents that the country has relied upon,” Collins also said in a separate statement following the ruling, NBC News reported.

The 6-3 ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization found that the Constitution did not provide a right to abortion, thereby pushing the matter to the purview of states, effectively ending Roe v. Wade.

“They follow the judicial canons, and when they talk about precedent, their job is to follow precedent,” Davis said. “That includes evaluating precedent under the law of precedent to determine whether the precedent is still good.”

“Susan Collins needs to cool her rhetoric,” Davis said.

The allegations of lying have prompted some Democrats to call for the impeachment of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

Collins and Davis did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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Not to belabor the point, but Mainers need to understand that if liberal Susan Collins is the best they can come up with, they need to do THEIR homework and support a MAGA America First candidate who won’t straddle the fence, who won’t run as a Republican but vote as a Democrat.