Just Human shared his thoughts as we fight the enemy, not unlike the colonists who fought against a super power 256 years ago.

“These are both difficult and glorious times. 

We are in a war, whether we want to be or not. There is a battle that rages in almost all areas of our lives. A battle for our attention, our emotions, our mind. 

Anytime we have big wins or positive developments, and we’ve had some of the biggest EVER these past few months IMO, we all get on a high, we ride a wave of positive energy. Then we have to come down. It’s normal. 

It is during that coming down phase that we are most vulnerable and are targeted for attacks. That’s when we get hit with some of the most hyperbolic headlines, misdismal-info, etc.  Ignore that shit. If a headline or news clip is making you angry or depressed, skip it. It’s likely a psyop, anyway.

Focus on the factual, disregard the emotional. 

Understanding > Reacting”

“The measure of wealth is freedom. 

The measure of health is lightness.

The measure of intellect is judgment.

The measure of wisdom is silence.

The measure of love is peace.”

-Naval Ravikant


Good morning Patriots 🇺🇸

While I miss having a President who loves and celebrates America, I truly believe the best is yet to come. 

Together, we will Make America Great Again!