From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter on this day, the eve of the anniversary the Declaration of Independence was signed 256 years ago.

What’s the masked sheep percentage in your state? I’ve noticed an uptick for some reason.

Anons have probably saved many thousands of lives by encouraging others to question everything/think independently. 

We’ve made a big difference for the children even if we can’t save them all. Thankfully God can even heal a vaccine injury. I believe He can cure anything. 

In Time Square in NYC at a children’s vaccine site were kids from the age of 5 years old till 6 months old get vaccinated. Activists plead with parents not to get their kids vaccinated

Sometimes when you’ve hit a wall in your life you’re not supposed to bash your way through it but instead you’re called to look up to God and walk around the fortress in faith. It may seem like madness to circle around and around. On that last lap I’m sure they wondered what the hell they were doing but if they had stopped they wouldn’t have seen the enemy’s resistance collapse. Sometimes faith looks like a nonsensical act from the outside but God sees your heart. Keep believing. You never know how close your victory might be.

I advise against predicting dates. 

I think we’ve learned our lesson over these years to not do that.  However I do feel extremely confident in a few things:

The plan is going exactly the way it needed to go… yes it has been extremely messy and ugly because that’s what war is but it is clear that it absolutely had to be this way to achieve long term victory. This is not a bandaid fix. This is victory on a scale unheard of. 

I just hope that the frens guard their expectations while at the same time keeping your faith high (and of course doing your part). It can be difficult to balance your faith with your expectations but I think it wise to not set yourself up for failure but expecting certain dates to come out a certain way. Just know that we are on the right track. Because we are. 

Does that make sense?

If you find yourself getting discouraged I just want to remind you of recent happenings at the Supreme Court:

Moloch lost half his power. 

A generation of babies were saved.  

Green new deal is dead. 

Second amendment was defended. 

Rees were soaked in and memed. 

It’s been a beautiful couple of weeks. 

What usually happens during this time is this:

A Rollercoaster like patterns. 

High highs followed by intense spiritual warfare (low lows) and then we find ourselves celebrating another victory. 

The key here is to know how to keep yourself and your faith up when we are awaiting another celebration. See the pattern for what it is and you’ll have an advantage. Sober thinking will reprieve you of some of the unnecessary suffering while we push forward with the plan. There will be waves but that’s alright. We’ve become champions of working through these battles. Keep improving mentally in the lows. Safeguard your heart by guarding your mind. Remember that another victory is ahead. There’s always another celebration to look forward to. 

Your level of hope can ease the blows of the enemy. Hope is a powerful weapon in your arsenal so use it.

Similar thought:

We The Ultra Media ⛈⛈⛈

Enslaving us all in the name of “safety”. 

Social media completely backfired on the elite. 

Their hubris has been and will be their downfall. I don’t think they saw the rise of a digital army of bad ass red pilled frens throwing red pills at every single narrative they bring. 

Once a person wakes up they cannot go back to sleep and they awaken 10 more around them. The momentum has shifted in such tremendous ways. 

They actually thought they could attempt all of their reset plans and God wouldn’t use their moves to expose them all and shine light like never before on the hidden cabal. 


We are out here like a plague on their minds and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. They will have to shut down the internet to stop what’s begun and they just might.

They are getting ready for the blackouts. It’s coming. Are you ready?

My worldview is this:

Believe whatever God shows me and use wisdom and discernment to the best of my ability with whatever He doesn’t show me explicitly.  

To be frank, I couldn’t care less if everyone in the world told me I was wrong. If God showed me something was true I would believe that over the majority. 

I’m going to continue to be myself and say whatever comes up in my heart. No one is going to put a damper on my spirits and I don’t need anyone to tell me the truth. God is truth and He can and does lead His people. I make mistakes along the way but I’m 117% committed to trusting God in reckless ways and if I’m an ass for God in front of the world then so be it. 

I’m unashamed. 

I like to be around like minded frens who feel the same way. 

Those are my people.

New Scavino on Truth Social. 

Happy fourth of July everyone. 🇺🇲

“America’s future is in our hands and ladies and gentlemen the best is yet to come.”