Darren Beattie of Revolver.news – more on Ray Epps

Beattie was on War Room with Bannon this morning, revealing more about the NYT mop up piece about Ray Epps. If you want to understand how it now appears more than ever that Epps is an FBI stooge, this is where to read it.

The Hidden Agenda Behind the New York Times’ Desperate Puff Piece on Ray Epps

Start with this report, and for further background, there’s Beattie’s Oct. 5, 2021 piece ( Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol ) that introduces you to the man who is believed to be a patsy for the corrupt FBI.

Yesterday’s War Room segment is up. I’ll update with today’s segments when they’re available. Check back later today.

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