George Webb reported…

Excerpt from Webb’s report of June 7, 2019:

Adnan Kashoggi was a press agent for the Mujahideen.

John McCain (Senate Armed Services Cmte) celebrated his birthday in 2008 on board Oleg Deripaska’s “Queen K” yacht in Montenegro, doing a weapons deal.

Deripaska is the guy who writes the checks to Konstantin Kilimnik, a short (of stature) man who is a CIA informant.

Re: Weapons

Club K weapons system sold in joint venture with US Navy Admirals

CIA in partnership with Russians, using them as proxies to do weapons systems deals in Iran, North Korea, and other countries.

Back to Deripaska… there’s that one moment in time when you have a Rothschild on the yacht as Oleg Deripaska welcomes McCain aboard.

Montenegro: An old Soviet Naval base that has been retrofitted to be a kind of ops headquarters for covert weapons planning.

The deals coming out of the Queen K yacht, like the Club K system, are the ones they do on the yacht. Butina is involved in this, selling more light, tactical weapons: Kalishnikovs, grenades, rocket launchers, bulletproof vests, armored vehicles. But going up the food chain of weapons systems, that’s where Paul Manafort gets involved.

Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit has reported that Felix Sater has been an informant for years for the Clintons.  

I had a picture about two years ago of Felix Sater in waist-deep water with his arm around Bill Clinton.  He (Sater) is the arms dealer. That’s the kind of go-between — DIA (? CIA?) informant — that’s been a go-between arms dealer for these deals with UAE and Saudi Arabia for over 20 years (goes back before 9-11).

He (Sater) has Osama bin Laden’s cell phone numbers – three different numbers.  How does he get that? Why does he have those?

Cause he needs to tell Jamal Kashoggi and Turki al Faisal where to drop the weapons.

They always pre-comprmise these folks with trafficking charges.  Felix Sater, a 20-year fraud charge that they hung over his head.

George Nader plays a similar role with UAE and Saudi Arabia and al Sisi in Egypt and Abdullah in Jordan.  He obviously has got the pedophile charge hanging over his head.

These are the go-betweens.

Stories coming out today where I talked to you about the Political Action prong of the Special Activities division, about the Direct Action prong of the Special Activities Division, which came right out of Allen Dulles’ planning.  The two prongs are the political and the direct action group.

The Political Action group is Paul Manafort.  

The Direct Action group is Paul Erickson, Paul Whelan.  If you don’t win the election, you sometimes have to do Direct Action which is kind of the bad part of that: That’s snipers in Maidan Square, the 2014 GRU snipers who shoot a whole bunch of policemen and protestors, and then basically loot the Treasury. 

Want to know more?

I’ve got four binders full. The info you’re just learning about now was already reported by George Webb years ago. And you can quote me on that.

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