Free to watch for all – Genetic COVID Vaccines May Damage Children’s Innate Immunity—Dr. Paul Alexander



“The data was so profound that the UK decided to stop reporting at the end of March. … The infection rates in vaccinated persons, particularly after the second and third dose, were skyrocketing,” said Dr. Paul Alexander, an expert in evidence-based medicine, research methodology, and clinical epidemiology. He served in the Trump administration as a COVID policy adviser.

The genetic vaccines for COVID-19 are ineffective against Omicron and newer variants, Dr. Alexander says. Furthermore, data increasingly suggests that vaccinated and boosted individuals are more likely to be infected by COVID-19 than unvaccinated individuals. Why would that be the case?

Dr. Alexander says he’s also becoming increasingly concerned about how the genetic COVID-19 vaccines not only have risks of myocarditis, pericarditis, and other documented side effects, but may also damage the innate immunity that children have.

In this episode, Dr. Alexander breaks down the concept of innate immunity, something different from the commonly heard term “natural immunity” that results from prior COVID-19 infection.

Dr. Alexander argues our vaccination policies may actually be subverting this innate defense system that children have—against not just COVID-19, but other pathogens.


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  1. And yet parents aren’t listening or have no curiosity about all the deaths. Instead they take those precious children and run to get in line. Makes me sick.

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