“I’m noticing a bit of a trend – maybe even a campaign, if you will – of legit Patriots, like Kash Patel and General Flynn – talking to not so legit folks from “the team” like David Nino and Charlie Ward. It reminds me of when President Trump spoke to Alex Jones on Infowars. 

There must be value in reaching their large audiences of those who have been led astray. It reminds me of when Kash recently said that some of the Q movement needs to be tweaked just a little bit and course corrected. (Like from the planted fake info put out by shills and infiltrators that attempted to repackage,  rebrand and discredit us all by association.)

Just a theory but I believe this is what’s happening here. So many gullible people are lost and confused by people like Charlie Ward – they forgot their ability to reason and discern the truth. This might be an outreach campaign to reach those people and reel them back in from the fringe.” — Ultra 2QQQ