Did you watch last night’s “CNN Special Report” on Steve Bannon? It was laughable. Twisted truths.

This from Archive Anon: ๐Ÿ‘‡

This is a point I’ve been trying to get across for a long time.

There are still too many people who are waiting for the FAKE NEWS to report the REAL NEWS, and they won’t be satisfied anything is happening until they see the truth being told on some corporate behemoth television network.

If you are waiting for the fake news to report the real news, you are going to be waiting for the rest of your life.

The goal isn’t to make the liars suddenly start telling the truth; that’s like trying to stop the wind from blowing.

The goal is to make them obsolete.

The goal is to replace them.”


Today Iโ€™m going to address one of the most common questions/concerns about the ongoing operation. A question I get multiple times a day.

โ€œWhat does it matter if the MSM wonโ€™t cover it?โ€

Many of you wonโ€™t like it, but the Revolution will not be televised. This is part of the plan. The Fake News MSM will eventually be rendered obsolete, and a new media will take its place.