If they jail him it would only make him stronger.

That would be great.

Seeing them shoot themselves in the foot by jailing a folk hero, a man with a voice that millions listen to rather than the people they normally jail who have no voice.

Tommy Robinson Channel, Telegram

“So very tired of governments for governments and not for the people.  These globalist WEF idiots must be stopped.

People in the US don’t like prices now but its going to become intolerable. I live in an area where you don’t see many homeless but now everyday I see more and more people living in their cars. Two of my siblings had to move out of their apartments they can’t afford the rate increase. 

Biden’s transition period is from prosperity to poverty for millions.

Congress sits on their hands doing nothing to remove the most evil president we’ve ever had!  Bannon is spot on always!

Wherever you are on the political spectrum, Steve Bannon is 100% right.”

Tommy Robinson News, Telegram