🇦🇹 A multitude of Austrians react to the 2030 Agenda

“We will not silently witness the fall of Austria and this government robbery!”

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Dutch Farmers Prepare To Fight Government Overreach By Gaining Financial Freedom With Bitcoin

  • As government entities continue to oppress farmers in the Netherlands, Bitcoin stands ready to help those in need…
  • It’s week four of the Dutch farmers’ uprising in the Netherlands and there is no sign of a resolution as farmers refuse to give up their farms and the government refuses to back down on regulations requiring farmers to reduce their nitrogen beyond the point that they can continue farming.
  • De Ven said that the story of the Canadian truckers has played to large audiences here and is causing a level of anxiety that is causing farmers to realize they have got to secure their finances out of the reach of the government.
  • “I was surprised by the farmers that I’ve talked to that most of them have heard of it [bitcoin] are aware of it, are very much aware of the problems they are facing,” he said … “Farmers are financially savvy and understand the solution that bitcoin brings,” de Ven added.

Source: zerohedge.com