X22 Report – Deep State Prepares; Acts Of Violence; Frame Up; Change Of Batter Coming; Playbook Known

The Central Bank has accelerated their plan, they are raising rates quicker than expected because they know they need to move full speed ahead. This will be their downfall.

The corrupt are being exposed and the people are learning that fiat money and the Central Bank do not benefit them and now people are protecting themselves.

The Deep State is now preparing for the midterms, everything is being stripped away and the last death blow will be the SC.

This will then push the Deep State agenda into overdrive. They are preparing for chaos, riots. The agenda is to have their foot soldiers mask up, so they needed an event to do this and they just got it.

Hillary has signaled that it is time to have a change of batter. The playbook is known, the Deep State will have to pull this off before the midterms. Watch August, this is when the Deep State likes to play.

U.K. June Inflation Rate Once Again Tracks with U.S. Inflation Rate – All Western Nations Following World Economic Forum Build Back Better Climate Agenda Have Identical Trends

  • In May the inflation rate in the U.S. increased to 8.6%, a few weeks later the European Union measured their May inflation rate to match at an exact 8.6% {link}.  In June the U.S. inflation rate increased again to 9.1%, and now we see the U.K. reporting their June inflation rate today at 9.4%.
  • While the individual amounts of government COVID-19 spending amid the U.S, U.K. and Europe were different, the percentage of that spending in relationship to the size of their economy was very similar.  As a result, the global inflation rates contain strong parallels.
  • None of these parallels are accidental.  All of this economic turmoil is running on an identical track -on a global basis- because the entire western plan was coordinated and followed.  What we are seeing right now is the outcome of the “Build Back Better” roadmap.  The “global inflation” is the outcome.
  • Joe Biden is blocking domestic energy production as he follows through with the agenda of the Green New Deal.  In Europe, not coincidentally demanded by Biden, a similar outcome comes from the sanctions and blocking of Russian energy resources.
  • One could make a reasonable argument that the team behind Joe Biden specifically wanted the EU sanctions against Russia, because the U.S. crew wanted to keep both industrial economies mirroring each other as the U.S. energy system was dismantled.  It would make sense to avoid a spotlight on the U.S. economic collapse, by forcibly pushing the EU economy into the same situation.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

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