…and I couldn’t get to sleep until I wrote to you, my patriot friends, to tell you that my heart is heavy tonight. And yet at the same time I am so filled with gratitude. Let me explain.

My husband and I learned today that a dear friend, family through marriage has been told the Cat Scan revealed a large tumor on her lung, along with at least two smaller spots elsewhere. A two-time survivor of cancer, she’s now faced with dealing with this scourge yet again. Now in her early 80’s but still active and engaged, she’s told her son and daughters that she can’t bear going through chemo again. We don’t know if the tumor is malignant or benign, but it’s not looking optimistic.

I’ve been praying for her all day, and feel some of the weight of the burden she must be feeling. It’s so sad.

I watched President Trump deliver tonight the best and most serious speech he’s given yet. He spoke to the young people – some 5,000 of them, assembled at Turning Point USA’s conference in Tampa. Trump’s speech started out the same way his always do, but somewhere in the last half, he got deadly serious about where we are and now the future rests on the shoulders of these young men and women, because the future is theirs.

His words moved me to weep.

Maybe it’s because of the sad news about my friend, but Donald Trump’s words really got to me. He laid it out tonight like he’s never done before, or it seemed to me. And I deeply felt that we are so blessed to have him to help lead the way out of this horrible mess we’re in. We have to do our part, of that he was quite clear. But he’s our General Patton, encouraging us, motivating us, and keeping us focused. Leading us through the fire.

Thirdwavedave, an Army veteran who loved the men and women in uniform, was my radio show producer. We lost him ten years ago next month to leukemia. He would pay the deepest compliment of someone he admired by saying, “I’d walk through hell carrying a gas can with that man.”

If he were still with us, I know for certain Dave would be saying that about President Trump.

One day in the future when the history books are written about these times, Donald J. Trump will be heralded as an American hero, among Washington and Lincoln, the men who led our nation through the fires of hell to protect these United States of America.

I want to leave you with these words from Dr. David Gibbs who speaks to us about the anchor of hope when we are going through the storms of life. It comforted me this morning, before I had heard the news about my friend and later, watched our President share his thoughts with us.

I believe that coming across it this morning was “a God thing,” preparing and reminding me of His anchor of hope.

(Thanks to Deborah J for never giving up on me.)

Goodnight all, and may God bless each of you.