Beginning this Sunday, we are 100 days away from 2022 Election.

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100 DAYS

What is driving the transformation of the Republican Party, despite the RINO establishment resistance?

The MAGA America First Message:

1 – Common sense conservatism as shown by DJT

2 – Working class know DJT and the MAGA candidates are fighters and will fight for us

3 – The MAGA movement gives us back our voice

4 – The MAGA America First Republican Party will take care of the working man’s interests.

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I have read the NYT piece mentioned by pollster Richard Baris in his segment with Steve Bannon. Baris said the article laments the future of the Democrat party.

It does. And what also struck me about the people quoted in the piece is their absolute lack of knowledge of Constitutional principles, pitiful understanding of our Republic, and obvious secularism, evidenced by their pro-abortion views.

We as a nation have a long way to go to educate the citizenry. Most are dumb to the realities of what made our country — and what made it great. The worst of the lot are the college graduates who harbor a deep distaste for Trump (“detest” is the word used in the piece), considering him and the MAGA movement to be extreme and too far to the right for their taste.

But the good news is these are the so-called swing voters. Some say they’ll sit this election out. Others are still confused, disappointed in the Democrats and Biden, but unable to make the connections.

If you want to read the piece, it’s here. Swing voters, struggling with their options, scramble traditional Political Coalitions.

Perhaps it would be advantageous for you to read what the NYT is positing.

Just keep in mind that we are in a transformational phase, and the Republican Party as we have known it is rapidly changing. It’s not your parents’ party anymore. And it’s got the low-info voters thoroughly discombobulated.