While January 6 Rally Did Come Up At The End, It Wasn’t The Reason For The Meeting

Key Participants Suddenly Reveal The True Purpose of The Big January 4 Oval Office Meeting

While January 6 Rally Did Come Up At The End, It Wasn’t The Reason For The Meeting

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The January 6 Committee has been keenly interested in a meeting that took place inside the White House on January 4, 2021, seeking any and all documentation and records and testimony about what took place that day. 

The participants of that key meeting were

  1. President Donald J. Trump
  2. Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley
  3. Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller 
  4. Kash Patel

The narrative for the past year and half has been that this January 4th meeting inside the White House’s Oval Office was about making security preparations for the massive rally Trump planned to hold in just two days at The Ellipse on The National Mall.

President Trump had loudly claimed for more than a year and a half since January 6 that he authorized up to 20,000 National Guard to provide security to both the city of Washington D.C. and to the US Capitol Building. All D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser or the Capitol Police or Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi [D-Italy] had to do was request the troops and would have deployed. But despite the fact the 20,000 Guard authorization was available, neither Bowser, Pelosi or the Capitol Police made any request for that level of troops. 

Because of all the attention focused on the claim of Trump’s authorization of 20,000 National Guard, it’s been assumed by all involved that the key White House meeting two days prior to January 6 had been about the upcoming rally on the National Mall. 

But that doesn’t seem to be be accurate. 

It wasn’t until both Patel and Miller were guests being interviewed on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program that two of the key participants of this January 4th meeting suddenly pulled back the curtain and revealed what the real purpose of the meeting had been. 

And it turns out the real purpose of this key meeting in the Oval Office wasn’t about making security preparations for the January 6 rally. That **was** discussed, but only at the end, as the meeting had started to break up, when Trump brought it up. 

The actual purpose of this highest level meeting between the President, the Joints Chief, the Acting Secretary Defense and his Chief of Staff was…

…to discuss how to deal with a viable and active foreign threat directed at the United States. 

Watch the video below and hear both Patel and then Miller make this startling revelation.

Kash Patel spoke first, taking a question from Hannity about Liz Cheney lying about the 20,000 National Guard that Trump requested, and turning that into an opportunity to drop a bombshell live on the air.

After getting the set-up question from Hannity, instead of immediately going into the security prep for the Jan. 6 rally – which Cheney is of course lying about – Patel instead began revealing the incredibly serious nature of the actual reason that meeting was happening. 

Patel said that this meeting was actually about – and I quote – “some of the most serious national security threats we were facing.” 

Having dropped that the meeting was actually about several serious national security threats, Patel went on to explain that January 6 did come up at the end.

When it was Miller’s turn to discuss the Jan. 4th 2021 meeting, he added a stunning detail of his own. 

The former acting Secretary of Defense said in a completely serious manner that he had to be careful not to go too far discussing this foreign threat directed towards the United States, because if he wasn’t careful, he might end up in jail. 

Such a strange statement seems to directly imply the foreign threat was real and details of that threat are still a highly classified matter of national security a year and a half later.

Christopher Miller does not want to end up in jail, so he made it clear when discussing the real reason for the Jan 4 meeting, the “foreign national security threat directed towards the United States” he was choosing words with extreme care. 

Were Trump, Milley, Miller and Kash discussing hostile actions committed against the United States by a foreign power working in concert with domestic agents that rose to the level of an actual act of war in that January 4, 2021 meeting?

If so, what was discussed at that meeting would be classified at the very highest levels. 

The way Miller describes it to Hannity, this meeting to discuss a serious foreign national security threat had actually concluded and the participants were departing when the President suddenly had a Columbo moment and brought up the January 6 rally, causing the other three men to sit back down and continue a discussion that had, as Patel said, ‘pivoted to setting up for January 6th’. 

It was at that point that Trump authorized the use of up to 20,000 National Guard, if the DC Mayor or Speaker Pelosi requested it. Which of course, they did not, as Patel notes. Trump authorized the National Guard if it was requested, and his authorization was ignored, something that Trump has been bringing up repeatedly, especially since the January 6 Committee began it’s televised hearings. 

There is a lot of confusion around the issue of Trump authorizing up to 20,000 National Guard. He can authorize it, and have them ready to deploy, but that’s all he can do. 

The President himself does not send the National Guard anywhere. He can authorize the Guard to be ready and available, but until the city or Congressional authorities make the necessary request, nothing will happen. The Guard will not be deployed. 

And this is the real story of what happened on January 6. Trump had let the right people know that 20,000 National Guard were available to keep the peace in DC and at the National Mall and the Capitol Building **if they requested it**. And the people who had to request it made a point of **not** requesting it.

Now that the true purpose of the January 4 Oval Office meeting is starting to emerge, and we know it was about an extremely serious foreign threat directed at the United States, what does this mean for the current political situation? 

If the J6 Committee insists on digging into this Jan 4th meeting and subpoenaing all the records and documentation, what if they end up inadvertently exposing the “serious foreign national security threat directed towards the United States” that the Jan 4 meeting was actually about? A matter so classified that Chris Miller admitted he had to be careful not to disclose highly classified national security secrets? 

And that brings up another fascinating question: 

Is the J6 Committee just a smokescreen for the Deep State and it’s WEF backers and foreign handlers learning just how much Trump and the US military knew about this foreign threat directed at the United States? What did they know about any domestic agents that might be working in coordination with the foreign power/s behind this national security threat? Are they not only seeking more information regarding how much Trump, Miller, Milley and Patel knew about this threat, but also what concrete steps, plans or operations these men might have put into play to counter or nullify this foreign threat? Are Pelosi and Schumer and Schiff and Cheney using the J6 Committee as some kind of glorified fishing expedition into a highest-classified national security matter? 

Given what both Patel and Miller have now publicly revealed about that January 4 meeting, serious journalists would have serious questions they would want to try to find the answers to. 

What was the serious foreign threat these four men were discussing that day? 

Which foreign country or countries were involved in directing that threat towards the United States?

What actions or countermeasures against this foreign threat did the President and his advisors authorize or order that day, if any? 

Some eighteen months have passed since this top secret national security briefing was held in the White House. What’s the current status of that foreign threat? Is the threat still active or has it been successfully countered at this point? 

These are the kinds of questions that would be asked if we had a real news media in the United States.

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