Looking to Stay Informed and Up-to-Date? These Are the Top 20 Telegram Channels I Recommend You Follow

1. Dr. Simon Goddek– One of the first scientists to speak out against Drosten’s fraudulent PCR test who debunks false science and false narratives on a daily basis.

2. KanekoaTheGreat– He has an excellent substack dedicated to election fraud, geopolitics, and truth-seeking. Enemy of government corruption and evil-doers.

3. Chief Nerd–  Pro-freedom citizen journalist focused on Western politics and COVID-19, who often breaks big-time headlines through self-investigation.

4. UngaTheGreat– Father, data scientist, clip maker, and citizen journalist, who uses his tech-know-how to disseminate the latest trending stories.

5. Robin Monotti, Dr. Mike Yeadon, and Cory Morningstar – These three brilliant minds make a powerhouse trio against the Great Reset agenda and the technocratic takeover. 

6. COVID-19 Up – Well-written news and information about COVID-19 that goes far beyond the effort and professionalism of just about anyone I’ve seen.

7. DSchlopes – He’s dedicated himself to going after the scam profiles of Telegram and spearheaded the charge to expose the fake General McInerney and Ezra Cohen accounts. Becoming a target in the process, he could use some support.

8. Red Voice Media – Unapologetic, unafraid, and politically incorrect, they publish the stories other mainstream ‘conservative’ outlets refuse to cover.

9. Dr. Lynn Fynn– This amazing and outspoken doctor does exceptional work reporting about COVID-19 as well as taking charge of your health.

10. Steve Kirsch – Founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and Substack’s greatest spreader of COVID-19 ‘misinformation,’ he does a fantastic job breaking down the numbers.

11. Dr. Peter McCullough – As the most published doctor in his field in history, Dr. McCullough cites the medical literature like no one else.

12. World Council for Health – Led by Dr. Tess Lawrie, this worldwide coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society groups steers free from conflicts of interest and Big Pharma ties.

13. COVID Positive News– Learn how to detach yourself from government and destress from the negativity. Robito keeps you informed on the positive side of things.

14. Real Time News– Lightning-fast team of contributors bringing you the latest political stories. The #1 source for Biden administration gaffes.

15. Child COVID Vaccine Injuries UK– Mother dedicated to raising awareness about the harms of COVID shots for children. She digs through interviews and makes fantastic clips.

16. Jerm Warfare– This podcaster and cartoonist has a cheeky sense of humor and provides much-needed comic relief for a world gone mad.

17. Ann Vandersteel – Fierce freedom fighter, podcaster, and truth seeker who’s unafraid to ask the tough and important questions.

18. COVID Truth Network– A team of doctors, scientists, and media experts who clarify the truth about COVID-19 and the associated measures.

19. Expose the Agenda – Another team of contributors that goes beyond the COVID scam, exposing January 6th, the Biden family, government corruption, election fraud, media lies, false flags, and more.

20. Prevent 1984– A channel dedicated to fighting against censorship, globalism, surveillance, and the control grid to prevent Orwell’s famous novel from becoming reality.

More Channels to Follow

Michael Yon

Pepe Lives Matter





Rounding the Earth

Sidney Powell


Covid Truth Bombs (Daniel Horowitz)

Zeee Media

Official Plandemic

Dr. Christina Parks

General Flynn

Political Moonshine

Nick Hudson

Tracy Beanz

April Moss


The Vigilant Fox– After being deeply disturbed by COVID measures, mandates, and medical discrimination, I have dedicated my free time and effort to making short, informative clips, featuring top doctors, scientists, and thought leaders from around the world.

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