Gregg Phillips says  preservation orders for election records are already going out and being delivered ahead of potential litigation.  

Kari Lake is 100% serious about pursuing this if they try it. 

And they know it. 

Unlike in Delaware County PA in 2020, where corrupt county officials got to **hide the county election records in a fucking basement for over a year, hoping nobody would come looking for them….

Maricopa County election officials are already getting legal ‘retain all your documents’ orders from the courts.

This ain’t gonna go down like 2020. 

It all depends on if the Maricopa county officials blink or go through with it.

–Brian Cates

Hey Maricopa: 


DO IT.  

She’s waiting for you to try it.

–Brian Cates

Maricopa is attempting to do what all corrupt counties do. 

They are holding back most of the vote as they furiously try to flip the race.  

But I’ve been told there are assets on the ground in AZ that have been there for months and the cheaters are in for a massive surprise.

Let me explain how a steal is stopped in it’s tracks. 

Last night, Kari was down big. We all saw the steal happening. We were all certain [they] were about to slide another RINO on in there. 

Then something happened. 

Kari Lake took the stage and said: “We won. We know we won, and we’re gonna show it”. Around this same time, Gregg Phillips makes a post speaking of “contingency plans” in case she were to lose. 

It was after this that her numbers began reversing and she came out on top. 

The day of voting turnout as well as everyone’s vigilance absolutely crushed their ability to keep the steal on. 

And that’s why we vote, frens. 

We have them on their heels. To the point that they are being forced to stop the steals in their tracks. 

Well done, Patriots. I couldn’t be anymore proud of this movement right now.

–Absolute Conviction

What is this showing you? 

It’s showing you the Democrats aren’t the only ones who cheat.  The GOP establishment in AZ cheats just as enthusiastically to handpick the winners in the GOP primaries. Same as the Democrats.  

They’re being exposed.  

They are trying to figure out how to come up with enough fake votes to counter that last 20%, which is overwhelmingly for Kari Lake.  

The McCain Mafia. 

They’re all sitting around staring at each other and going “WTF do we do now?!”

–Brian Cates

These McCain mafia folks are some cheating MOFOs.

–Gregg Phillips

We built a contingency plan three weeks ago when Pinal sent out 63,000 illegal ballots.

Three groups involved in the plan. We are all ready to act.

Most important thing initially is to stop the certification.

1) If this finishes with Lake behind, RNC Chair and AZGOP Chair must resign immediately.

2) Lake campaign has to sue Sec of State to stop certification.

3) Pinal election clerk should be arrested.

4) Sheriffs should order immediate review of voter rolls and arrest all who illegally cast ballots