This was the moment @KariLake won the race and everyone knows it

Question: Katie Hobbs is currently the Secretary of State for AZ, and is therefore in charge of elections. But she is also a candidate for Governor in the primary.  Does anyone else notice a huge conflict of interest here?  She’s nominally in charge of certifying the vote…for her own Primary, and she *hates*, with a passion, Kari Lake.  What is the process there? – Cognitive Carbon

Let me explain how a steal is stopped in it’s tracks. 

Last night, Kari was down big. We all saw the steal happening. We were all certain [they] were about to slide another RINO on in there. 

Then something happened. 

Kari Lake took the stage and said: “We won. We know we won, and we’re gonna show it”. Around this same time, Gregg Phillips makes a post speaking of “contingency plans” in case she were to lose. 

It was after this that her numbers began reversing and she came out on top. 

The day of voting turnout as well as everyone’s vigilance absolutely crushed their ability to keep the steal on. 

And that’s why we vote, frens. 

We have them on their heels. To the point that they are being forced to stop the steals in their tracks. 

Well done, Patriots. I couldn’t be anymore proud of this movement right now.


Not gonna lie, I’ll bet Meghan McCain is sitting on the couch crying & screaming at the TV while simultaneously killing a half-gallon container of Haagen-das Ice Cream.


You know who’s gonna fix 2020 in Arizona once the 2022 midterms are over? 

Who’s gonna clean up the corrupt election systems in all those counties? 

These three people.  

You can’t fix 2020 until you put the right people in office. 

How you gonna do that if you don’t vote?




America First candidates go undefeated marking the end of the establishment GOP, and voter turnout suggests the midterms could be an extinction-level event for the DNC.

The Left are freaking out. They know what this represents. 

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