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Understand what’s afoot right now, what we’re waiting to see: 

We’re waiting to see if Maricopa County Election officials blink or go through with it and inject a comically absurd number of votes into the finally tally to flip the race to Kari Lake’s GOP establishment opponent.

Note this is a GOP REPUBLICAN RACE.  

What better way to shine the national spotlight on the corruption than this?

–Brian Cates

👆👆👆I sure as heck don’t.

“5 day post-election period” gives it away right there.  

There is no ‘election week’ in the US or AZ state constitution, is there?

All I hear when they say this to their fellow Arizonans is “We’re the same neighbors who attend your church and parks and grocery stores as you, who’s kids play with your kids, who stole Maricopa for Biden in 2020. 

And we’d really really like to do it again now for Karrin Taylor Robson.  SO BACK THE F**K OFF ALREADY, OK?!”

This tells you right here what they are doing.  

They’ve given themselves a FIVE DAY WINDOW to ‘cure’ [i.e. FIND] as many Democrat ballots as they can.

— Brian Cates

By Radiopatriot

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