Nothing is happening that Trump didn’t plan for. Watch him work.


Think Trump is still “secretly President”?

Some don’t understand the DEPTH of the sacrifice he made as part of a last desperate strategy to pull America back from the brink. He allowed the steal to go through and Biden really was sworn in.

Trump SHOULD BE, but is NOT our sworn in President right now.

He set events in motion (after careful planning) and is counting on the people to take the country back. He has put himself in harms way, sacrificed his image, and even risked going to jail… because of his faith we will stand up when it counts and then choose to restore him to power.

There will be many who will say… “well he made the wrong choice then. He was obligated to fight and use his executive authority… he never should have yielded and walked away from the White House!”

It’s not my place to defend the course of action he chose… only observe and try to understand it for what it is. I still trust the man and believe he had his reasons for risking it all to expose the cabal.

No way Trump didn’t see this coming and PLAN ON IT, imo.

We’re about to see things… a story he wants the people to see… play out.

Nobody has to agree with me, but that’s how I see it.

Trump is not afraid to use theatre/optics against his enemies.

For such a time as this… many special relationships have been pre-positioned.

Sessions, Barr… Kayfabe.  All those “impartial” people who pretended not to like Trump will at some point come forward and say “Now hold up, this isn’t right!”

Ultra Pepe Lives Matter asks:

What was in Trump’s safe? Wrong answers encouraged.


Maybe a whole stack of these? Like one for each FBI agent?

Matt Whitaker just said that we’ve crossed the Rubicon and that everybody needs to be ready for what happens next. 

I need more coffee. 

1,000s of patriots are on the way to Mar-a-Lago right now. Pray things stay peaceful and the FBI doesn’t get what they want… more people to make an example of.

This isn’t the moment for rash action, no matter how some people feel.

TruthHammer forwards this from Jordan Sather:

Hat tip @techno_fog for this statute

Probably trying to frame Trump with document destruction/removal so he can never hold office again.

1) Maggie Haberman prints claim in her new book of shit that Trump would flush documents down the White House toilet

2) Axios reports it

3) Later in the day, Feds raid Mar A Lago and “go after Trump’s safe” after narrative is set by fake newsers

The security cameras at Mar A Lago better not pull an Epstein, if the Feds try to plant any documents there we need to see it!

Just a couple days ago @TrueGenFlynn reminded us of the unchecked power of the 4th branch of government… the weaponized intel community.

Today America sees this 4th branch of government desperately still trying to “get Trump”, by raiding his home looking for a TECHNICALITY… some document they can claim was classified, even though Trump had absolute power to declassify whatever he wanted.

All a set up to claim Trump is no longer eligible to run.

It’s YOU they fear. 👇👇👇👇👇

I’m just gonna leave this here

If you’re Trump, with a staff of mil trained war game analysts who work for you… and you’ve known for months they wanted these documents… would the scenario planners mention the possibility someone comes with a warrant for those docs?

Yes, Trump knew this raid was on the table, and it was planned for.

What is that called?


Seeing a set of reasonable possibilities, and planning for each one, is what war gamers do for a living.

That doesn’t mean they know which exact events will happen. That doesn’t mean whatever exact thing happens was “the plan”.

Plans rarely survive contact with the enemy…

But good planning, and the right strategic PRESSURE applied at the right time, can sometimes make your preferred scenario happen.

Sun Tzu… know the enemy, know what the enemy wants, know the terrain.

Trump is an above average planner. I trust he was not unprepared for this possibility.

Make sense?

Forwarded from Gen. Mike Flynn:

The rule of law institutions we have in America no longer work for we the people, they work against us. We have so many government reforms that must be made. I’ve been talking about this for a long time now and after today’s outrageous raid on DJT’s Mara Lago residence, we know exactly where to start…let’s get DJT back in power and Make America Great Again 💪🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸

Any FBI agents want to redeem themselves?

Good day for a whistleblower.

When is Garland or Wray going to get in front of a microphone?

File under:

Nothing to see here 

It’s perfectly unsuspicious that the lawyer who defended Jeffrey Epstein is the judge who signed the sealed warrant for the FBI raid on Trump’s home.

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