Devin Nunes “What the real Russian disinformation was.”

Devin Nunes always said when people find out what really happened, what the real Russian disinformation was and where it came from, it’s going to blow their mind.  

And it will. 

Oh yes.  Indeed it will. — Brian Cates

There won’t be any delays. This trial should kick off on schedule and take about a week. 

Danchenko essentially has no defense, same as Sussmann.  

The only wild card in the deck will be the jury.  

But I have a feeling that these early trials don’t matter all that much to Durham when it comes to securing a conviction on these minor charges.  

His real goal is to get a shit-ton of highly damaging formerly classified info into the public square and then build on that for the coming indictments that really matter.

Sussmann’s trial revealed a ton of info on the creation of the Alfa Bank hoax, including the existence of Clinton’s private cyber-spying network that was surveilling the White House. 

Danchenko’s trial will do the same for the Steele Dossier hoax.

Remember what Durham is going to focus on in this trial: utterly exposing how the FBI took what they knew were fake allegations from a suspected Russian spy to accuse the Trump campaign of colluding with the Russian government.  

Danchenko’s having fled the US in 2010 ahead of an espionage investigation and then turning back up inside the US in 2016 as Christopher Steele’s primary source for all the real Russian disinformation that ended up in the Steele dossier will get wide play.

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