From Pepe Lives Matter:

Personal life update:

As many of you know I’ve been attempting to become a legitimate investigative journalist and inspirational author. Doing something I love with more focus essentially. 

It’s been quite a journey so far. I always knew writing would be in my future but I never expected it to be as an anonymous frog. This amuses me. I’ll be continuing to do everything I’ve been doing this precipice with daily updates (besides mental health breaks), memes, hanging with frens, and spiritual posts and news. But I’ll have more time to focus my digging into enemies like Katie Hobbs and others for the substack. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours into this, just as many of you have, and hopefully there are many more awesome stories to dig up here in the future. I just want to thank everyone for making my channel what it is…the interaction and support by everyone is the essence and heart of this little corner of the internet.  

That being said, everything will be free but if you’d like to support my new leap of faith then you can help me by subscribing to my substack here:

(New articles I’m working on, Peter Nygard the Canadian Epstein..and Katie Hobbs dig)

MyPillow has teamed up with me as well, so keep me in mind next time you purchase one of his amazing products, and use my code! Some of the proceeds will go to support my writings and research, and get you a pretty sweet discount.

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The code will just be added to my news update posts seamlessly so it won’t be intrusive.

Thank you all so much for your support. This is a dream come true for me! I’m hoping to write many beautiful things in the future as well as dig and expose criminals like only anons will!