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Trump is a real life Batman!



I know most of you who are reading this believed Trump when he said,

“I caught the swamp. I caught them all… I caught all of this corruption that was going on and nobody else could have done it.”

I know many of you still believe this. I do. More than ever before.

How could that have been possible?

What better explanation is there for this claim than him being the greatest asset the FBI has ever had?

Remember there are “MORE GOOD THAN BAD” -Drops 668 & 937

( Joe Lange: For those that want some insight and discernment with evidence that backs it up that will change your perspective on the FBI raid on Trump, here is @justhuman livestream from long ago going through DawsonSFields long ago breakdown of the Trumps as FBI assets. @justhuman did this livestream long ago too. Enjoy my friends.)


Over the past year, I’ve talked about and shown documents revealing that Trump, his family, and his businesses have had a decades long relationship working with the FBI to bust criminals. Many of the people he worked with in the 1980’s SOMEHOW, COINCIDENTALLY, wound up in DOJ and FBI when he was President.

This is the genesis of the phrase “We got the band back together” which AG Barr stated at Rosenstein’s farewell. “The Band” is made up of the people Trump worked with in the past…


…to bust bad guys. They got back together, for another performance, for their greatest sting.

My analysis of RussiaGate, SpyGate, J6, and now NARAGate (hahaha) is heavily informed by this history of Trump as the FBI’s honeytrap.

I like to think of Trump as being the Batman to the FBI’s Commissioner Gordon.


I know that right now, more than ever before after yesterday, there is a hate on for the FBI.

That’s good.

There’s a lot of corruption in there that MUST be cleaned out.

It is also necessary for the FBI/DOJ to be as separated from Trump as possible in the minds of the normies and those on their first few doses of red pills.

Afterall, who do you think is going to be doing the cleaning out of The Swamp?

Who is going to be indicting and convicting all the people that Trump caught?


Not EVERYTHING can or will be done by the military.

I’ve considered trying to go along w/ the mainstream (on our side) narratives.

I cannot; I would feel dishonest. As much as I love pointing out and discussing the kayfabe, I ain’t good at doing it myself.

I’ve considered keeping my mouth shut, but I know that I would just bottle it all up, it’d eventually burst out.

Besides, I’ve never been good at keeping my mouth shut about what I think, especially when confronted w/ falsehoods.


The knowledge of this Trump history has been a great aid to me in analyzing current and past happenings. News stories that demoralized or outraged so many, hit me completely differently. It’s helped me see through so much clickbait bullshit and to notice the more significant stories that media rarely, if ever, touches.

For example, most see the persecution of a President by FBI and SCO from 2016 onward.

I see a counter intel op w/ Trump as bait.

I see the first phase of ‘Lock Her Up’.


The best research on this has been done by Dawson S. Field. No one else, that I have found, compares.

Give his work a look. You may begin to see the past 6+yrs differently. More clearly IMO.

If you find the claims lacking, fair enough. At least you gave it a go.

Good starting places if you are interested in learning more:





Could be a very interesting way to reveal some spicy evidence against the Deep State. 

What I mean is, 

-Trump baits hostile elements in FBI into raiding his home

-The docs they find are declassed already, there is no crime to charge Trump with

-But FBI now has them, and they shouldn’t

-So Trump sues them to get them back for his library

-Thus, making them public while all eyes are on the FBI, him, and the docs