Trump and the Q Patriots seem to be telling us that.

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August 10, 2022

What if it’s not Trump’s archives everyone is talking about?

Trump declassified everything.

Obama tried to hide all his crimes by classifying them top secret and putting them in his archives in his library in Chicago.

Remember the Q post? 👆

Huber is coming for Obama.

It’s the MOAB.

I’ve been hanging out over on JustHuman chat.

I was up way too late last night given I begin my road-trip home today but Karma patriot was doing some incredible digging last night and this morning. She’s an unbelievable researcher with the fastest brain I’ve ever seen.

This whole FBI raid, with a safe and archives is going to be the biggest boomerang in history.

She confirmed with her massive thread of research and posts that this is an incredible trap.

The public narrative is that Trump is going to be indicted with the evidence in his archives in his safe.

But Trump isn’t the target like I’ve been telling everyone.

Trump wants the narrative that a president isn’t above the law.

The FBI was gathering evidence of major crimes. Treason.

Declassified evidence.

Evidence not on Trump but on Obama.

Obama’s archives are the evidence the FBI was gathering that he had tried to classify as top secret and hide in his library in Chicago.

The Pit looks like it kicks things off and Durham is not the big gun… Huber is.

Do yourself a favor and go read Karma patriots posts on JustHuman chat from last night and this morning.

Obama is on deck.

Just Human Ultra Chat ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is a high class place, act respectable.

Yes! The IRS agents hired are not tax guys for the Internal Revenue Service like we’re being told.


It’s not IRS agents for the Internal Revenue Service.

That’s the public narrative.

It’s the Intelligence Research Specialists (IRS) agents that are under the Homeland Security umbrella that Karma is talking about.

The bill will fund the agents to take down the corruption not to go after Americans taxes.

Everything Eric Trump is saying is optics.

Creating a narrative that Trump is a victim and there’s a two tier justice system.

That’s what normies need to hear and see in order to bring it down.

Don’t take anything anybody is saying literally.

It’s a media war for the narrative and both sides are lying.

In war deception is required.

They wanted him to do it as president so they could get their civil war.

Instead he walked away trapping them.

It would never be admitted to.

It’s deductive reasoning.

Obama committed treason and hid the evidence behind classification.

This involved foreign nations.

It involves national security.

There are national security laws.

Trump can declassify but national security declass must be introduced to the courts through an investigation if you want to take them down legally.

That’s what happened.

Same with the Giuliani and Project Veritas raids.

Court documents proved it because they were not the targets of the investigation.

Neither is Trump.

His warrant is partially sealed because he also is not the target of the of the investigation AND he’s a known FBI asset.

They searched only three rooms.

They were not searching for anything incriminating. They knew exactly what they were looking for and where to find it.

Trump handed it to them.

Obama is crapping bricks.

Everything is lining up.


Now is the time to dig Q posts. ( )and/or ( )

They are all starting to line up.

October is going to be massive.

We are setting the table for what hits in October.


If Hillary and Podesta are indicted?

If Obama is indicted?

If the election is overturned?

If the market really crashes?

Military takes over publicly in a huge way?

Mass arrests?

Does anybody think if ALL of this happens BEFORE the midterms that the midterms will still happen on schedule?