Brian Cates:

Been looking over TTV’s (True The Vote’s) document drop from last night.  I see no smoking gun at this point but what I’m seeing is amazing and very troubling.

Konnech is giving the CCP complete access to everything having to do with elections in over 20 US counties, down to the names of the kids of all of the election workers on record.

We won’t let CCP run our 5G with their tech for obvious national security reasons, but how many companies out there like Konnech with their PollChief software are essentially giving the CCP a direct window into the US election systems?

A smoking gun would be a preserved record of the CCP using this incredible level of access to influence an election outcome, but I haven’t come across anything like that yet.  But the door certainly LOOKS like it’s wide open to that kind of thing.

Of course, a preserved record of foreign election interference is exactly what Mike Lindell spent most of last year claiming he had in the PCAPs.  

Assuming any of that stuff was real, would they be holding it back to drop it after the MAGA researchers invited to The Pit are done digging and exposing just how wide open the door is to this kind of activity?

infrastructure does not involve a few politicians or gov’t officials in DC. 

It involves the 1.8 million Americans who had their personal information handed to the CCP regime and stored on a server in Wuhan, China. Because they are election workers in their county.  

We already know that China has been engaged in a massive level of infiltration/influence operations inside the United States.  Did any of these election workers become targets of such influence operations?  

Konnech needs to explain why this level of access was allowed to the CCP.  Was there a good and valid reason for allowing this level of access?