We’re moving into another completely different era.  

Brian Cates reports:

Citizens will be given the tools to monitor all the drop boxes and engage in massive real-time information operations in order to bring about election integrity. 

Part of my job is going to be spending the next 2 1/2 months drilling hundreds of thousands of American patriots on how to safeguard their own local elections as they pry the CCP/UniParty fingers off the controls.  

Did you know Secretary of States have been certifying elections for years illegally?  

But  nobody was challenging on this before the elections were held.  

There are things state and county election officials are supposed to do before an election is held – or else that election can’t be certified legally.

But citizens have not been very loudly and vocally ensuring these people are following the law before the elections are held.  

This is not how the 2022 midterms are going to go.  This time enough citizens are going to know the election law that too many Uniparty corrupticrats have relied upon them not knowing.

Nobody challenged them on their illegal actions before the elections were held. They got used to getting away with violating all the pre-election check laws, then rushing the tainted election through to certification.

Those days are OVER.  

Forewarned is Forearmed. 

An army of patriots is going to force compliance with the election laws in their states before these next elections are held.

Crooked Secretaries of State like  Jocelyn Benson and Brad Raffensperger are going to be caught flat footed by this.

Marc Elias and his merry crew managed to do successful end-runs around state election laws and the state legislatures that had passed them in 2020. 

That’s not how 2022 is going to go. 

Far from it.

This time too many people are going to be awake and engaged. and FOREARMED.  

None of this election fraud should be sneaking up on anybody at this point.  

We know the methods. Their playbook was exposed.  

They’re counting on millions of American patriots sitting on their asses and not getting directly involved in policing and ensuring the integrity of their local elections.  

We’re going to prove them wrong.

When they try to implement the same illegal election systems that blatantly violate the written election laws, they are going to be shut down  by the citizens.  

And if they manage to hold an election using illegal procedures and methods, they are going to be prevented from certifying that election afterwards by the citizens.

Plenty of these election corrupticrats were all forced into admissions that they didn’t follow their own state’s election laws for 2020 – but hey, too late you losers! We certified it already! 

Well OK then. This time we’ll be ready for you.

‘Playbook known’.

If they already had their playbook exposed to you, but you fall for all the same plays again….

That’s on you.